In 2020 we did things differently. In the face of unprecedented challenges, Australian exporters have shown remarkable resilience – and these efforts deserved to be showcased.

So rather than focusing on winners in 2020, we recognised and promoted stories of resilience, perseverance and quick-thinking pivots from determined business leaders from across the Australian exporting community.

From regional to metro, across every State and Territory, from exporters big and small.

Stories the following businesses shared with us are truly inspiring. And we want you to inspired too, so we are sharing their stories with you, so you can learn and be amazing at how resilient Australian businesses are.

Be inspired below:

Bec Hardy Wines
Care Essentials Pty Ltd
Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Foundation
Epichem Pty Ltd
Flavourtech Pty Ltd
Icon Group
Novaris Pty Ltd

We thank these eight businesses, who featured in our 2020 recognition program.

We would also like to thank the 360+ businesses that shared their stories. You can discover more of their insights here.