Judging criteria

See how judges evaluate exporters for the Australian Export Awards.

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The Australian Export Awards identifies and celebrates the most outstanding, innovative and inspiring Australian exporters across diverse sectors and markets. 

Judges will assess only the information supplied in the application.

Areas of focus include:

  • clear demonstration of sustainable competitive advantage
  • export success and growth potential
  • leadership and innovation in international business and marketing strategies
  • commitment to diversity, inclusion, sustainability or positive social impact
  • value and contribution of exports to business expansion
  • overall commitment to growth in international business.

Judging criteria weighting

Section 1 – Business details

This section does not attract a score. Score weighting 0%.

Section 2 – National award category selection

This section does not attract a score. Score weighting 0%.

Section 3 – About your business, products and services

This section does not attract a score. Score weighting 0%.

Applicants should ensure their business overview is clear and factual.

Section 4 – Your business and brand story

This section's score is weighted at 25%.

4.1 Applicants should tell a compelling story about what makes their business unique, outstanding, inspiring and innovative.

4.2 Applicants should provide a clear example of their export success.

Sections 5 to 17 - Category specific questions

Applicants should respond to the category questions presented in sections 5 to 17 demonstrating innovative strategies they have implemented to achieve export success. Responses should relate clearly to the category.

Section 18 - International business and marketing strategy

This section's score is weighted at 40%.

18.1 Applicants should demonstrate their export and marketing strategies, with clear examples that highlight a range of tactics to achieve export growth. 

18.2  Applicants should clearly demonstrate the business or community value and impact of any diversity, inclusion, sustainability or social impact initiatives. Examples related to international business should be highlighted where applicable.  

18.3-18.4 Applicants should supply accurate data for three financial years (with the exception of Emerging Exporter category). Based on this data, judges will consider: 

  • exports as a proportion of total revenue
  • export value, and year-to-year percentage change in value, over the last three years or since the applicant commenced exporting
  • total export revenue from key markets, and diversity of export markets.

Section 19 – Business management

This section's score is weighted at 25%.

19.1-19.2: Applicants should demonstrate sufficient resourcing and investment in staff development, to support current and future export growth. 

19.3: Applicants should demonstrate a clear understanding of a range of international business risks, and sound strategies in place to mitigate these risks. 

19.4-19.9: Applicants should clearly outline their financial position and include accurate data to support this.  

Based on the information and data provided, judges will consider:

  • soundness of financial strategy and planning to support international growth in the coming year
  • a sound financial base (cash, assets and other revenue sources) to support export activity. 

Section 20 – Future export plans

This section's score is weighted at 10%.

20.1  Applicants should demonstrate a clear plan and business commitment to achieve international business growth over the next 3-5 years.