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More than 360 businesses from across Australia shared their stories with us, showcasing the breadth of talent, diversity of industries and geographic range that make up our export sector.

The benefits of their products and services span far beyond Australia - from helping treat cancer patients in Singapore, China and New Zealand; to assisting airports to adopt COVID-safe measures; and delivering virtual learning experiences for students almost anywhere in the world.

While many business owners will continue to feel the strains of a global economic downturn for some time to come, the stories our exporters have shared may inspire you to adapt, innovate, and diversify. Their advice may resonate as you begin to rebuild.



Courtesy of Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair

Showcasing amazing Australian businesses

Using innovation and creative thinking, these Australian brands broke the mould, and carved out new pathways in their industries. Take a look at some of the insights shared by organisations recognised for their exporting excellence in 2020.

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