Australia’s top exporters and leading foreign direct investors for 2019 to be announced

Australia’s top exporters and investors will come together on Tuesday 3 December at Parliament House, Canberra, for the 57th Australian Export Awards.

The winners of Australia’s most prestigious and longest-running international business awards will be announced.

Learn more about the 94 companies who are the 2019 Finalists in 13 export industry categories.

National finalists are already winners at State and Territory level and collectively employ over 34,000 Australians and generate more than A$7.8 billion in export earnings.

On the night, we will also recognise Australia’s leading investors in three award categories: Significant Investment, Regional Investment and Research and Development Investment.

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2019 national finalists

Introducing the 94 national finalists for the 57th Australian Export Awards, representing Australia's most entrepreneurial and innovative exporters making their mark on the world.

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    We look forward to welcoming you to the Australian on Tuesday 3 December in Canberra - good luck and congratulations!

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    Q. What do , and all have in common? 🤔 . . . . A. They're all winners! 🏆 Check out some of the iconic who have won an Australian Export Award over the years: