Australian Exporter of the Year

Winners since 1992

The Australian Exporter of the Year is shortlisted by the National Judging Panel from the winners of the 13 national categories. 

The Minister for Trade and Tourism endorses the National Judging Panel recommendations and selects Australian Exporter of the Year. 

Australian Exporter of the Year

2023 Care Essentials (VIC)

2022 Bubs Australia (VIC) 

2021 Monsoon Aquatics (NT)

2019 Populous (QLD) 

2018 Aspen Medical (ACT)

2018 SEAPA (SA) 

2017 Ego Pharmaceuticals (VIC)

2016 Envato (VIC) 

2015 ANCA (VIC)

2014 GP Graders (VIC) 

2013 RightShip Pty Ltd (VIC)

2012 PWR Performance Products (QLD) 

2011 Sedgman Limited (QLD)

2010 Future Fibre Technologies (VIC) 

2009 NOJA Power Switchgear Pty Ltd (QLD)

2008 Appen (NSW) 

2007 Cochlear Limited (NSW)

2006 ResMed (NSW) 

2005 The Wiggles International Pty Ltd (NSW)

2004 Casella Wines Pty Ltd (NSW) 

2003 QBE Insurance Group (NSW)

2002 ResMed (NSW) 

2001 BRL Hardy Wine Co (SA)

2000 Austal Ships (WA) 

1999 Pipers Brook Vineyard (TAS)

1998 Compumedics Limited (VIC) 

1997 TNA Australia Pty Ltd (NSW)

1996 Bradmill Textiles Pty Ltd (VIC) 

1995 ANCA Pty Ltd (VIC)

1994 Intellect Australia Pty Ltd (WA) 

1993 Orlando Wyndham Group Pty Ltd (SA)

1992 Cryofab Industries Limited (NSW)