For outstanding international success by any business with total annual sales not exceeding $5 million.

2019 Winner : Dutjahn Sandalwood Oils (WA)

 2019 Winner Small Business Dutjahn

Dutjahn Sandalwood Oils
(DSO) is a 50 per cent Indigenous-owned company supplying high-quality Australian sandalwood oil to the global luxury perfume market. DSO produces oil from wood sustainably harvested by Indigenous desert communities from their Dutjahn (sandalwood) homelands near Kalgoorlie in a partnership recognised by the United Nations as world’s best practice and awarded the 2019 Equator Prize. In 2019, two top international fragrance makers agreed to use Dutjahn sandalwood oil in a deal that will generate millions in revenue which highlights interest in improving supply chain inequalities worldwide. Some 70 per cent of product is exported to Europe and the US.


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