Judging criteria

See how judges evaluate exporters for the 61st Australian Export Awards.

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Areas of focus include:

  • evidence of sustainable competitive advantage
  • export success and growth potential
  • leadership and innovation in international business and marketing strategies
  • commitment to diversity, inclusion, sustainability and/or positive social impact
  • value and contribution of exports to business expansion
  • overall commitment to growth in international business.

The judging criteria are as follows:

Section 1 – Business details

[score weighting 0% - this section does not attract a score]

Section 2 – National award category selection

[score weighting 0% - this section does not attract a score]

Section 3 – Introduce your company

[score weighting 0% - this section does not attract a score]

Section 4 – About your business and products/services

[score weighting 25%]

4.1-4.2 Criteria: Assess the viability of the business, including its product/service and unique value proposition, recent milestones and exports/international successes in the current year.

Section 8 - Criteria for e-commerce category

What are the innovative online practices/strategies the applicant has implemented to maximise their reach overseas (look for innovation in platforms, tools used and customer engagement).

Sections 5 to 17 - Criteria for all other industry specific award categories

Assess the businesses' activities against the selected national category they have applied in. Do these activities clearly reflect and effectively demonstrate leadership and innovation in the selected industry sector?

Section 18 - International business and marketing strategy

[score weighting 40%]

18.1 Criteria:Quality of business and marketing strategy taking into consideration scope of the applicant's international competitive advantage. 

18.2 Criteria:Value or impact of any diversity and inclusion, sustainability and/or social impact strategies the applicant implemented in their business.

18.3-18.4 Criteria: Assess the level and sustainability of international revenue considering:

  • Exports as a proportion of total sales revenue.
  • Export value, and year-to-year percentage change in value, over the last three years or since the applicant commenced exporting.
  • Total export earnings from major overseas markets, and diversity of export markets.

Section 19 – Business management

[score weighting 25%]

19.1 Criteria: Assess how/if the businesses' employment figures and Human Resources strategies support export growth.

19.3 Criteria: Assess the structure of the businesses' export/international operations, their systems to effectively respond to international sales and whether the business is appropriately resourced for export expansion. 

19.4-19.9 Criteria: Soundness of financial strategy for international business. Look for examples of a sound capital base (substantial net profit) and sufficient capital (cash and resources) to support export activity. Do they support the applicant's international plans for the coming year (e.g. new markets, additional staff, different marketing strategies).

Section 20 – International business future direction

[score weighting 10%]

20.1 Criteria: Assess evidence of effective measures and business commitment to international business growth.