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View the national award categories in the Australian Export Awards.

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Apply in one or more category in your home State or Territory export award program. Winners in the following national categories will automatically proceed as national finalists in the Australian Export Awards program.

Advanced Technologies

For outstanding international success in the field of information technology, digital technologies, software, hardware or digital services.

This includes solutions utilising cloud-based platforms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things, augmented reality, autonomous systems, robotics, quantum, virtual reality, data collaboration and management tools, fintech, cyber security and/or blockchain with civilian, defence, space and/or other industry applications.

Agribusiness, Food and Beverages

For outstanding international success in the field of manufactured foods, beverages or agricultural products.

This includes primary production, forestry and fisheries and related services or technology.

Creative Industries

For outstanding international success in any creative industry.

This includes music, visual and performing arts, fashion, design, film and television, digital media and content, animation, software and games, festival and event production, writing and publishing and creative services.


For outstanding international success selling goods or services to customers overseas via e-Commerce, including cross-border e-Commerce and online sales.

This includes sales to business (B2B), consumer (B2C) or government (B2G) via own website, online marketplaces and other e-Commerce channels.

Emerging Exporter

For outstanding export achievement by a business which has been exporting for three years or less.

This includes established and new businesses in any industry.

International Education and Training

For outstanding international success in the field of education and training.

This includes higher education, vocational education and training, transnational education, online learning, curriculum development and EdTech.

International Health

For outstanding international success in the fields of health, medical or wellbeing.

This includes biotechnology, biosecurity, medical technology, digital health, e-health, aged care, disability, complementary health, pharmaceuticals and related services. 

Manufacturing and Advanced Materials

For outstanding international success in manufacturing, engineering or advanced materials development.

This includes advanced manufacturing and materials technologies, engineering, design and production.

Professional Services

For outstanding international success in the field of professional services.

This includes legal, accounting, administration and support services, business management and consultancy, marketing services, franchising and licensing, engineering, financial and insurance, market research, translation services and tourism and business events.

Regional Exporter

For outstanding international success by a regional business.

This includes businesses whose head office or majority of operations are based in a non-metropolitan location.

Resources and Energy

For outstanding international success in the resources and energy sectors.

This includes businesses involved in the production, processing or value adding of extractive resources or the provision of energy or resources related equipment, services or technology.

Small Business

For outstanding international success by a small business.

This includes businesses with total annual turnover not exceeding A$10 million.

Sustainability and Green Economy

For outstanding international success in the Green Economy.

This includes the provision of green economy technology or capabilities such as environmental solutions, clean energy, sustainable materials, renewables, waste and water management, green building, smart cities or businesses committed to sustainable business practices.

Australian Exporter of the Year

The Australian Exporter of the Year will be selected by the national judges from the national winners of the categories shown above.