1960s Australian Export Awards winners

Winners Roll 1963 - 1969

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  • American Flange & Manufacturing Co Inc, NSW
  • Australian Carbon Black Pty Ltd, VIC
  • BHP Limited, VIC
  • Broken Hill Associated Smelters Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Bruck Australia Limited, VIC
  • Cannon Electric (Aust) Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Cutting Edge Post Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Dalgety Exports Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Jackson Wain (International) Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Kirby Refrigeration Units Pty Limited, NSW
  • Laporte Australia Limited (SCM Chemicals WA after 1984), NSW
  • Lockwood McGrath Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Maize Products Pty Limited, VIC
  • Outboard Marine Aust Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Precision Golf Forging Pty Ltd, NSW
  • RE Miller Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Repco Export Company Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Ricegrowers' Co-operative Mills Limited, VIC
  • Scientific Glass Engineering Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Scotts Provisions (Wholesale) Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Simpson Pope Limited, SA
  • Speedie Electrical Industries Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Speedo Knitting Mills Pty Ltd, NSW
  • St Regis-AC1 Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Triefus Industries (Aust) Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Wevenit Mills Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Wowic Industries Pty Ltd, SA



  • Australasian Training Aids Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Australian Dairy Produce Board, VIC
  • Australian Paper Manufacturers Ltd, VIC
  • Besley and Pike Pty Ltd, QLD
  • Buderim Ginger Growers Co-operative Associated Limited, QLD
  • Century Storage Battery Company Limited, NSW
  • Chrysier Australia Limited, SA
  • Eli Lilly (Australia) and Company, NSW
  • rsEmail Limited, NSW
  • Fabricated Products Pty Ltd, QLD
  • Favelle Mort Ltd, NSW
  • Gollin & Co Ltd, NSW
  • Hammersley Iron (Rio Tinto Iron Ore), NSW
  • HC Sleigh Ltd, VIC
  • MacNaught (Overseas) Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Magna Alloys and Research Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Merck, Sharp and Dohme (Australia) Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Michaelis Bayley Leather Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Remak Electrograph Pty Ltd, SA
  • South Australian Fisherman's Cooperative Limited, SA
  • Tutt Bryant Manufacturing Group, NSW
  • Vickers Hoskins Pty Ltd, WA
  • Vulcan Australia Limited, VIC



  • Ansell Rubber Company Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Armstrong York Engineering Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Atransa Park Television, NSW
  • B Seppelt and Sons Limited, SA
  • Brookeades Pty Ltd, WA
  • DE Taplin Pty Ltd, NSW
  • EE Whitmont and Sons Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Ford Motor Car Company of Australia Limited, VIC
  • Griffiths and Beerens Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Hills Industries Limited, SA
  • Impact International, NSW
  • Malcolm Barlow Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Master Industrial Australia Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Metal Perforators Ltd, NSW
  • Production Equipment Ltd, VIC
  • Qantas Airways Limited, NSW
  • R Hickman Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Techtron Pty Ltd (Varian Techtron), VIC
  • W E Cuckson & Son Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Whitco Pty Limited, QLD



  • Abbott Laboratories Pty Ltd, NSW
  • AG Thompson Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Australian Titan Products Pty Ltd, TAS
  • CSR Chemicals Limited, NSW
  • Felt and Textiles of Australia Ltd, VIC
  • Goyen Controls Company Pty Limited, NSW
  • Howard Rotavator Pty Ltd, NSW
  • John Mcilwraith Industries Ltd, VIC
  • Joyce Bros (WA) Pty Ltd, WA
  • Napier Bros Limited, QLD
  • Patience & Nicholson Limited, VIC
  • Phoenix Biscuit Co Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Radco Boilers Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Rosenhain & Lipmann Pty Ltd, VIC
  • RVB Engineering Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Seed Breeders Australia Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Sofa International Pty Ltd, SA
  • Titan Manufacturing Co Ltd, VIC
  • Wessburg & Tulander Pty Limited, NSW



  • Alcoa of Australia Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Associated Minerals Consolidated Ltd, QLD
  • Automatic Totalisators Limited, NSW
  • Commonwealth Steel Company Ltd, NSW
  • Isles Forge & Engineering Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Lincoln Electric Co (Australia) Pty Limited, NSW
  • Martin Wells Pty Limited, NSW
  • Master Dairy Limited, WA
  • Protector Safety Industries Ltd, NSW
  • Ramset Fasteners (Aust) Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Scott Bonnar Limited, SA
  • Slazengers (Australia) Pty Limited, NSW
  • Sunrise "Lustretone" Products Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Tom Piper Limited, VIC
  • Turner Manufacturing Co Pty Limited, VIC
  • William Jacket & Son Pty Limited, SA



  • AG Spaulding Brothers (Australasia) Pty Ltd, VIC
  • APAC Industries Limited, SA
  • ESC Tools Pty Limited, VIC
  • General Motors - Holden Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Industrial Extracts Limited, WA
  • International Harvester Co of Australia Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Massey-Ferguson (Australia) Limited, VIC
  • NID Pty Limited, NSW
  • NSW Rutile Mining Co Pty Limited, NSW
  • Precision Golf Forging Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Ralph McKay Limited, VIC
  • Rothmans of Pall Mall, NSW
  • Speedo Knitting Mills Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Standard Telephones and Cables Pty Limited, NSW
  • Thiess Brothers (Queensland) Pty Ltd, QLD
  • Union Carbide Australia Limited, NSW



  • Chamberlain Industries Pty Ltd, WA
  • Cobalide Industrial Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Commonwealth Department of Supply, ACT
  • Commonwealth Industrial Gases Ltd, NSW
  • Hammersley Iron (Rio Tinto Iron Ore), NSW
  • Heine Bros (Australia) Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Le Tourneau-Westinghouse Pty Ltd (Wabco), VIC
  • NV Appleton Pty Ltd, QLD
  • Repco Export Company Pty Ltd, NSW
  • RW Hensell & Sons Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Silk and Textile Printers Pty Ltd, TAS
  • Vincent Chemical Co Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Wall MacNaught Pty Ltd, NSW