For outstanding international success in the field of information technology (IT), digital technologies, software, hardware or digital services including solutions utilising cloud-based platforms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, augmented /virtual reality and/or blockchain. 

17 Oct 2022

AVI (Whadjuk, WA)


AVI builds trusted communications systems, software and hardware componentry. It operates on a global scale, delivering solutions to the world’s largest mining, defence, and corporate sectors.

Design-to-delivery production, supply-chain surety and a solid 33-year history make AVI an attractive option. AVI operates on a global scale from world-class facilities in Western Australia. It recently launched a new lab facility in Perth and has offices across North America, South America and Europe.

Clients include global government and defence force units, mining businesses, aircraft and heavy machinery manufacturers and telecommunications companies. In the 2021/22 financial year, AVI’s export sales soared to almost half of the company’s total sales.

BroadSource Australia (Wurundjeri, VIC)

BroadSource Australia, VIC 

BroadSource is a global systems integration and software development company that develops products and services for the world’s largest telecommunications companies. It exports to Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia.

BroadSource’s success lies in its patented technology, EMU, which telcos use to manage their huge subscriber bases. With cloud communication technology exploding in the past few years, EMU has become an essential service and granted BroadSource access to communications clouds in key markets around the world.

Broadsource sells Australian-manufactured software through its telco clients. Its “sell-through” product EMU SecureCall, targets retail, office and local government environments, ensuring secure credit card payments by phone.

Fivecast (Kaurna, SA)

Fivecast, SA 

Fivecast is empowering a safer world. This digital intelligence solutions company delivers advanced data collection and AI-enabled risk analytics. Fivecast exports to the US, UK, Europe, New Zealand, Singapore and Canada.

Fivecast solutions help uncover and analyse huge data sets that are key to protecting global communities. Each is purpose-built to address the highest priority cases in national security, law enforcement and defence.

In the past year, Fivecast’s R&D headcount and spend has increased by 68%. 2022 saw Fivecast establish a strategic partnership with a US-based company that delivers technology solutions to the national security community. The partnership extends across sales, product development, engineering, and tradecraft.

Helitak Fire Fighting Equipment (Gubbi Gubbi, QLD)

Helitak Fire Fighting Equipment, QLD 

Helitak Fire Fighting Equipment is helping to combat the growing catastrophic effects of the world’s bushfires and wildfires.

The Queensland-based specialist designer and manufacturer produces aerial firefighting tanks and equipment for helicopters. Helitak’s retractable and expanding tank is the only internationally certified firefighting tank of its type.

Helitak currently exports to the US, Middle East, Europe, and New Zealand. Its customer base includes civilian helicopter operators, government agencies and military organisations that use helicopters for aerial firefighting. Helitak is involved in projects with Airbus Helicopters (France), Leonardo Helicopters (Italy), the Japan Fire Department and Korean Aerospace.



HIVERY is a pioneer of next-generation hyper-local retail assortment strategy simulation and optimisation solutions. The company is fundamentally changing the way consumer goods and retailers collaborate regarding assortment and space decisions. Its flagship product, HIVERY Curate, is a powerful, AI-driven engine that optimises CPG company and retailers’ product ranges and store plans. With HIVERY Curate, a process that takes 6 months is reduced to 6 minutes. 

Currently, around 90% of HIVERY sales revenue is generated from exports. In 2020, the company established offices in Japan and North America to service the growing number of clients in these regions.

Lightning Protection International (Nipaluna, TAS)

Lightning Protection International, TAS 

Lightning Protection International (LPI) is a leading innovator in lightning protection solutions. The Tasmania-based company distributes direct strike lightning protection, surge protection, earthing and bonding solutions to the world’s most storm-prone areas.

LPI invests in R&D, international standards’ compliance, and manufacturing technologies to provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions. More than 64% of its market is overseas, with clients throughout Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa.

The company is focused on building relationships with emerging engineering industries like solar farms, hydro and green hydrogen engineering. LPI supplied lightning protection to new renewable energy projects generating more than 24GW over the last 3 years and 14GW in the last F/Y.

Nominal Systems (Ngunnawal, ACT)

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES_ Nominal Systems 239x180 

Nominal Systems is transforming how teams design, test and operate systems for projects on earth and beyond. Its technology allows companies to build living digital worlds from satellite imagery, telemetry information to external data streams. Applications span AI development to testing next-generation space missions.

Nominal Systems currently exports to the US and UK. Its customers range from universities to space programs and defence units.

In early 2022, Nominal Systems, in partnership with Northern Space & Security, was selected to deliver a next-generation Modelling & Simulation tool to the UK Space Command. The project will see Nominal tools used to design and test future UK Space Command missions.

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