For outstanding success by an Australian business in selling goods or services to customers overseas via an electronic network. Includes cross-border e-commerce and online sales.

17 Oct 2022

ABI Interiors (Bundjalung, QLD)

ABI Interiors, QLD 

ABI Interiors provides homeowners and trades with access to premium architectural fixtures at a revolutionary price. The Queensland-based family business began in 2016 after its founders recognised a gap in the market for affordable kitchen and bathroom fixtures. The ABI offering has since evolved to become an expansive e-commerce platform with a loyal customer base.

ABI now exports worldwide. Its customers span more than 45 countries across Asia, Europe and the US. It has established operations in the UK and New Zealand.

In September 2021, ABI opened a showroom in Chelsea Harbour, London. ABI is the first Australian brand to be on display in this premier design destination.

aussieBum (Eora, NSW)

aussieBum Finalist images_ E-COMMERCE 239x180 

Swimwear, underwear, and clothing brand aussieBum is as Australian as the sun and surf. Born on the shores of Bondi Beach in 2001, the brand has become an e-commerce export success story in North America, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Taiwan, and South Korea.

In recent years, aussieBum has reduced its cost of goods, resulting in increased sales and new customers. It also introduced free fast-track international courier delivery with VAT and duty charges prepaid. This was a first for an Australian e-commerce company.

A new apparel brand, The New Zealand Laundry Company, recently joined the aussieBum ranks. It specialises in activewear, camping and thermal clothing.

Clean & Pure (Mandjoogoordap, WA)

Clean and Pure national finalist 2021 

Clean & Pure uses Australian-sourced, 100% certified organic ingredients in its line of trusted skincare and beauty products. Since its beginnings in 2004, the Clean & Pure range has expanded to include cleansers, moisturisers, conditioners, sunscreens and balms.

Clean & Pure commenced exporting in 2019. Current export markets include New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, China, Macau, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brunei, South Korea and the US.

In 2020, Clean & Pure established a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility complete with laboratory. Clean & Pure is the only brand in the world to use real Manuka honey in its solid lip balms, in a unique manufacturing process granted R&D status by the Australian Government.

Rocket Remit (Ngunnawal, ACT)

Rocket Remit, ACT 

Rocket Remit is helping to solve the problem of global wealth inequality. This Australian fintech pioneer specialises in payment solutions to the unbanked in emerging markets. It is behind multiple new mobile payment technologies in Australia and overseas.

Rocket Remit’s 100% digital remittance service provides person-to-person, cross-border mobile remittance payments in more than 48 developing countries. It is the first in the world to provide instantaneous cross-border digital remittance to a mobile money account.

The company is highly engaged with regulators, legislators, industry groups, the fintech sector and the innovation community. Top export markets currently include Ghana, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Fiji and Kenya.

Scoot Boot (Nipaluna, TAS)

Scoot Boot, TAS 

Scoot Boot manufactures equine hoof boots and exports them across the globe. Its slimline, removable hoof boots revolutionise the way horses move and perform, taking shoeing into the 21st Century.

Scoot Boot was an early adopter of the equine barefoot movement. The movement recognises that nailing iron onto a horse's hoof can cause long-term damage. Its products offer excellent protection and are widely used for horses recovering from hoof pathologies or transitioning from iron shoes.

Commencing operations in 2015, Scoot Boot is now a preferred product for elite riders worldwide. The company exports to around 90 countries. Primary markets include Europe, the UK, the US, Canada and New Zealand.

Swisse Wellness (Wurundjeri, VIC)

Swisse Wellness _ Finalist image 2022 

Swisse Wellness is on a mission to inspire good health around the world.

The Melbourne-based brand is a global leader in nutraceuticals. The company is passionate about delivering scientifically supported vitamins and supplements to assist in maintaining optimal health and wellbeing. The Swisse range includes vitamins, herbal and mineral supplements. It has recently expanded into skincare and functional foods.

Swisse sells its Australian-made products of the highest quality and safety to markets across the globe. Major export markets include New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, India and South Korea. The company’s global diversification strategy has seen efforts focused on expanding into Southeast Asia. It has recently launched in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and UAE.


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