For outstanding export achievement by an enterprise in any industry sector which has been exporting goods or services for three years or less.  

17 Oct 2022

Australian Cattle Enterprises (Larrakia, NT)

2022 Finalist Australian Cattle Enterprises 

Australian Cattle Enterprises (ACE) is a Darwin-based integrated livestock business ethically and safely delivering high-quality cattle and buffalo to Australia’s key trading partners in Southeast Asia. ACE proudly works with Australian farmers and its customers in market to supply quality protein to families living in developing countries with limited livestock production capacity.

Our experienced team of livestock specialists ensure the best animal welfare management systems are in place to meet Australia’s rigorous regulatory requirements for livestock exports. ACE commenced trading in May 2020 and has established itself as major player in Australia’s livestock industry.  It currently exports to Indonesia, Vietnam, Brunei, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand.

Bitwise Agronomy (Kanamaluka, TAS)

Bitwise Agronomy 

Modern farms are complex and sometimes distributed. This makes it impossible to have eyes on all crops at all times. Growers need reliable, accurate and consistent data to help manage variability and forecasting. Bitwise Agronomy’s pioneering agritech helps vineyards and berry farms know exactly what they’re going to grow.

Using cutting-edge AI technology and off-the-shelf GoPro cameras attached to existing farm machinery, Bitwise’s system crunches data into interactive dashboards. The result is actionable insights, letting growers know they’re doing the right jobs, at the right time, in the right areas. Bitwise currently has berry, wine grape and table grape farm customers in the UK, US, Brazil, Chile, Peru and New Zealand.

BixeLab (Ngunnawal, ACT)

2022 Finalist BixeLab 

The significant rise of digital services has seen a global demand for robust authentication technologies to assure online safety and security. Biometrics Identity and Experience Evaluation Laboratory – BixeLab – is a leader in testing and evaluating these identity and biometric systems.

BixeLab is well positioned to capitalise on the demand for biometric and identification solutions that meet local and international requirements. It offers a formal and standardised environment for testing, development, risk assurance, and certification services in accordance with globally accepted standards.

Strategic, long-term relationships with global clients are a major component of BixeLab’s strong growth. Current customers include biometric vendors, governments and financial institutions across the US, Asia and Europe.

MyVenue (Kaurna, SA)

2022 Finalist MyVenue 

MyVenue is a point-of-sale solution for stadiums and arenas. The fast and easy-to-use technology reduces operating inefficiencies and maximises sales revenue.

MyVenue includes Android-based point-of-sale software, native mobile ordering app, real-time reporting and inventory management platform. It also includes a catering module with an online ordering portal.

The back office is 100% hosted in the cloud, removing the need for expensive and cumbersome on-site data servers.

Developed entirely in Adelaide, MyVenue has established itself as a leading point-of-sale provider that is installed at several iconic North American venues. It also supports point-of-sale services to operations in venues across Southeast Asia and Europe.

Plungie (Yuggera, QLD)


Plungie is building the future of swimming pool construction. Using smart design and off-site construction methods, Plungie's pools are faster to install, stronger and have a lower environmental impact than traditional concrete pools.

Plungie offers industry-first flexibility to the building industry. Its prefabricated pools are manufactured in a precision environment and can be installed by any qualified builder. This reduces costs and eliminates the need for additional specialist trades.

Established in Brisbane in 2018, Plungie now operates factories in Brisbane and Victoria. It exports its Australian-made pools directly to New Zealand. In 2020, Plungie expanded to the US. Plungie plans to launch in Europe and Canada in 2023.

Premier Metal Recyclers (Whadjuk, WA)

2022 Finalist Premier Metal Recyclers 

Premier Metal Recyclers is actively involved in efficient recycling solutions for automotive and metal materials.  The company aims to make a meaningful contribution to natural resource conservation and to establish a world-class recycling facility which will provide an environmentally friendly metal recycling solution.

The aim of Premier Metal's recycling process is to preserve natural resources and reduce carbon footprint by promoting recycling and to use the resource as sparingly and efficiently as possible.

Premier Metal prides itself on upholding quality service to its stakeholders and growing its core metal recycling business through innovative recycling solutions. Export markets include UAE, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The Natural Patch Company (Bunurong, VIC)

The Natural Patch Company 

The Natural Patch Company combines the remedial power of essential oils with scientifically developed sticker patches. Its patches are designed to help in a range of everyday situations. These include repelling mosquitos, sleep support and stress relief.

The company has engaged Monash University and Deakin University on formulation and materials uplift. The Natural Patch Company was also awarded a Parent Tested, Parent Approved award in the US.

The Natural Patch Company currently exports to the US, UK, UAE, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Philippines, Israel, France and Germany. As of June 2022, it had almost 1,300 retailers in North America. This channel has grown independently of its direct-to-consumer growth.

Twisted Healthy Treats (Dharawal, NSW)

Twisted Healthy Treats 

Twisted Healthy Treats is all about better-for-you indulgences. These healthy treats come gluten-free, with lower levels of sugar, fewer calories and all natural ingredients. The expanding range includes Frozen Yoghurt, Sugar Free Ice cream, Juice Ice Blocks and Oat Milk Plant Based Ice Cream Bars. Twisted Healthy Treats is Australia's only female-led ice cream manufacturer.

Export markets include New Zealand, the US, UAE and China. To secure exports for the US summer this year, Twisted Healthy Treats engaged with buyers across eight US regions. The company negotiated to manage its own product export from Sydney through to the US. This has ensured that 3 million cups of Frozen Yoghurt will be enjoyed across the US during the peak selling season.

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