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17 Oct 2022

Avance Clinical (Kaurna, SA) 

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Avance Clinical is in pursuit of a healthier world. The premium full-service Contract Research Organisation (CRO) provides high-quality clinical services to the international drug development industry. Headquartered in Adelaide, Avance Clinical currently employs approximately 265 staff in Australia, New Zealand, and the US.

Current clients include biotech companies across North America, Asia, and Europe. Most of these companies are in the early phases of drug development and need fast, adaptive, and solution-oriented services. Over the last 12 months, Avance Clinical has focused on the US and Asian markets. Recently, the company made its first international acquisition – a US-based CRO. In the 2021-22 financial year, Avance Clinical grew its international health exports into Australia by 65%.

Little Green Pharma (Whadjuk, WA)

Little Green Pharma 2022 Finalist  

Little Green Pharma (LGP) is pioneering Australian-grown and manufactured medicinal cannabis. Its product range includes medicinal cannabis oils and dried flower products. Its medications assist thousands of patients suffering from more than 200 chronic conditions.

The WA-headquartered business has the capacity to produce three tonnes of dried cannabis biomass in Australia each year. This is supplemented by a further 20 tonnes, grown in a cannabis cultivation facility in Denmark.

LGP has secured the relevant licenses and export access to a range of global markets. These include Germany, France, UK, Italy, New Zealand and Brazil.

Pharmako Biotechnologies (Kuring-Gai, NSW)

Pharmako Biotechnologies 

Pharmako Biotechnologies specialises in advanced delivery systems for nutrients and medicines. It uses ground-breaking technologies to improve bioavailability and efficacy at the microscopic and sub-microscopic levels.

Pharmako formulations are clinically studied. They aim to reduce dose size and speed up onset of action. This can improve patient compliance, leading to better health outcomes, more efficient resource use and longer-term sustainability.

Pharmako is currently focused on expanding its export business into new international markets. Current markets include the UK, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Estonia, the US, Canada, New Zealand, China, Malaysia and India.

SDI Limited (Wurundjeri, VIC)

SDI Limited 

SDI is helping dentists provide easier, faster and longer lasting smiles to patients across the globe. The company is a world leader in researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing specialist dental materials. These include dental fillings and tooth whitening products.

SDI products are exported to dentists in more than 100 countries. Currently, 90% of all SDI sales are to overseas markets.

In addition to the SDI head office in Australia, SDI holds fully owned subsidiaries in the US, Germany and Brazil. SDI also has sales teams based in the UK, France, Spain, Czechia, Poland, Peru and Canada.

Selborne Biological Services (Tyerrernotepanner, TAS)


Selborne Biological Services transforms animal-derived blood products from Australian abattoirs into serums that aid researchers across the globe. This takes advantage of Australian livestock’s disease-free blood, that would otherwise go to waste and potentially cause environmental damage.

Selborne is a leading supplier of specialised products for the biotech, pharmaceutical, veterinary, and diagnostics industries. Selborne serums are used to assist in the production of vaccines and diagnostic kits across the globe. Key export markets include China, Japan, India, Germany, Turkey, the UK, France, Spain and New Zealand. Selborne is currently focused on sustainability. The company is prioritising partnerships with suppliers that use recycled plastics.


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