For outstanding international success in manufacturing, engineering and/or advanced materials development. This includes production of consumer products.   

17 Oct 2022

Australian Blue Cypress (Larrakia, NT)


Australian Blue Cypress (ABC) manufactures essential oils, pharmaceutical precursors and wellness products at a small production plant on the outskirts of Darwin. ABC extracts and processes under patent the endemic tree Callitris Intratropica (Australian Blue Cypress Pine) to create an essential oil with a unique blue quality.

A thriving family-owned company, ABC exports through wholesale merchants domestically and internationally. It has a major market in the US. It also retails under the Kakadu Blue range around Australia and the world including Japan, France and England.

ABC also produces pharmaceutical precursors that are in demand for chemotherapy and rheumatoid arthritis treatments. It continues to reinvest in R&D activities to grow the business.

Currawong Engineering (Neunonne, TAS)

Currawong Engineering Finalist 2022 

Currawong Engineering manufacturers high-performing engines and electronic speed controllers for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Innovation and reliability continue to be the cornerstone of Currawong’s business. A standout is the state-of-the-art technology within its electronic speed controllers. With more than 1400 controllers sold and 376 units on order, Currawong is a world leader in this space.

The company has developed excellent relationships with repeat orders from customers around the world including the US, Canada, Israel, UAE, Italy, Vietnam, Estonia and Japan. In 2022, Currawong completed its largest order for 300 electronic speed controllers to a US defence organisation.

Motium (Whadjuk, WA)


Motium is an expert in the ground-up design and manufacture of standard, semi-custom, and bespoke rugged technologies. Its products provide sophisticated solutions to businesses requiring reliable and robust products that can endure and operate in extreme conditions.

Motium's product range includes panel PCs, LCD monitors, industrial PCs, industrial internet of things, and cables. Its products are designed specifically for key industries including mining, transportation, waste management, emergency services, marine, defence, construction, machine control, and industrial automation.

Motium's global reach spans four continents. The company directly exports to Canada, the US, New Zealand, India, South Africa, and Kazakhstan. Additional end-users of its products, sent via Australian and international customers, can be found in Africa, India, Indonesia, PNG, Japan, and Mexico.

REDARC Electronics (Kaurna, SA)


Australian designer and manufacturer REDARC makes mobile power solutions and associated products. REDARC's products are attached to any moving vehicle that uses battery power. Its range includes DC-DC battery isolators and chargers, battery management systems, electric trailer brake controllers, monitoring gauges, and customised electronic modules.

REDARC has more than 350 employees worldwide, with staff in Italy, New Zealand, and the US. Its products are warehoused and distributed from Poland, New Zealand, and the US.

In 2022, REDARC products were shipped to more than 50 countries. Key export markets include North America, the UK and Europe, New Zealand, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and South Africa.

SPEE3D (Bunurong, VIC)


Headquartered in Melbourne, SPEE3D is a trailblazer in metal-based additive manufacturing (AM) technology, also known as 3D printing. SPEE3D machines are based on a patented cold-spray technology that drives faster, lower-cost, and more scalable production than traditional metal printing techniques. Its printers can print metal parts up to 1,000 faster than traditional 3D printing.

Since 2018, SPEE3D has exported to countries including Germany, France, Brazil, El Salvador, and the US. In 2021, SPEE3D also expanded sales in North America and Latin America.

In 2020 and 2021, SPEE3D helped deliver the Australian Army's world- first metal 3D printing trials. In 2021, SPEE3D also received a grant for the company’s SPACE3D project, to develop AM rocket engines.

Sun Engineering (Yuggera, QLD)


Structural, mechanical and construction contractor Sun Engineering owns and operates manufacturing facilities in Australia, PNG and China. The company manufactures and constructs bespoke engineered products for the energy, infrastructure, industrial and amusement sectors throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Sun Engineering has exported structural steel, fabricated plate and pipe spooling to PNG, Fiji, Solomon Islands and New Caledonia for 20 years. Its Australian construction division has delivered projects to the majority of gold mines in PNG.

Sun Engineering is committed to training local employees within the regions it operates. It also supports companies developing assets and increasing productivity within developing Pacific nations.

tna Solutions, (Wiradjuri, NSW)


tna Solutions is a leading global supplier of integrated food processing and packaging solutions. It also offers a variety of production line controls, integration and reporting options, as well as project management and training. It boasts more than 40 years’ experience, with 14,000 systems installed across more than 120 countries.

tna's unique combination of innovative technologies, extensive project management experience and 24/7 global support ensures customers achieve faster, more reliable and flexible food products at the lowest cost of ownership.

More than 95% of tna's revenue is generated through equipment exports. Key markets include the US, Mexico, UK, UAE and Thailand.

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