For outstanding international success by a business whose head office and/or majority of operations are based in a non-metropolitan location. 

17 Oct 2022

Asia Pacific Aircraft Storage (Mparntwe, NT)


Very few places in the world offer climatic conditions that are ideal for the long-term storage of commercial aircraft. Alice Springs is one such location. Asia Pacific Aircraft Storage (APAS) provides dedicated aircraft storage, maintenance and part-out services to the Asia-Pacific market from this regional centre.

APAS has stored and maintained more than 250 aircraft on behalf of major international airlines and lessors. APAS also provides end-of-life aircraft parting out and disassembly. The company exports its services to a growing number of clients. Key export markets currently include Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, the US and Ireland.

DomeShelter Australia (Ballardong, WA)

DomeShelter Australia 

DomeShelter Australia's purpose is to protect people and assets from the elements. It is a trusted supplier of fabric shelter solutions. These are designed and manufactured in-house and used by some of the world’s leading mining, industrial, defence and aerospace companies.

The company employs more than 70 staff, 85% of whom live in regional Western Australia. Having the opportunity to trade globally and support regional WA is a major achievement for the company. To date, DomeShelter structures can be found across New Zealand, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South America, Spain and Ireland.

Envirofluid (Gunditjmara, VIC)


Envirofluid is a world leader in product innovation, creating effective, work-safe, environmentally superior cleaning and disinfectant chemicals for heavy maintenance industries. Since establishment in 1992, it has helped companies maintain their equipment and care for their workforce. Envirofluid seeks out the best scientific advice to deliver products and services that eliminate workplace hazards and environmental risk.

Envirofluid’s global reach is evidence of the innovation it brings to its industry. Its export focus is currently concentrated on Europe, the UK, US, UAE and Singapore. In the defence space, the company works with NATO and has 85 NATO-endorsed, NATO Stock Number (NSN) coded products. This 13-digit numeric code identifies standardised items of supply and is recognised by all NATO countries.

Flavourtech (Wiradjuri, NSW)


Flavourtech manufactures and services specialised processing equipment for the food, beverage, flavour and pharmaceutical industries.

Flavourtech’s unique core technology, the Spinning Cone Column (SCC), is considered best in class. It is used by market-leading companies to produce low and zero alcohol wine and extract natural flavours for tea and coffee, among many other products. In 2020, Flavourtech used the Covid-19 pandemic to miniaturise its SCC technology. This has allowed it to cater for smaller wineries, emerging craft breweries and universities.

Based in Griffith in regional New South Wales, Flavourtech conducts business in more than 60 countries including the US, India, UK and China. It has grown its export business to 95% of annual sales.

Lawrenny Estate Distilling (Lairmairrener, TAS)

Lawrenny Estate Distilling 

Lawrenny Estate is 400 acres of family-owned farmland with a history as rich as its soil. The estate is nestled among the pure nature of the Tasmanian Central Highlands. Today, it is home to a family passionate about producing the finest quality spirits, liqueurs and single malt whisky Tasmania has to offer.

Lawrenny spirits and liqueurs are exported across Asia to China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. The past 12 months has seen Lawrenny attract multiple regional distributors in Europe. This means its products are now available across the UK and Europe through France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Monaco, Sweden and Belgium. Its products are also found in Lebanon.

Mort & Co (Barunggam, QLD)

Mort and Co 

Mort & Co is the largest Australian privately owned lot-feeding and management company. It turns over more than 230,000 cattle each year. In addition to its core enterprise, Mort & Co has invested in complementary businesses spanning meat exports, stockfeed, organic fertiliser, farming and transport.

Mort & Co is built on fostering strong relationships with global beef producers, processors and distributors. Global demand for Mort & Co products continues to rise. 2022 saw significant Wagyu expansion into the US market. The company also saw an 80% increase in weekly sales of Grandchester Angus to China. Main export markets include China, South Korea, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Steriline Racing (Peramangk, SA)

Steriline Racing 

Steriline Racing delivers end-to-end products and services for the racing and food processing industries. During its 50-plus years of operation, Steriline Racing has been committed to providing customer value by incorporating advanced manufacturing processes and technologies to design, manufacture, install and service equipment for diverse markets.

It has sustained its reputation as a leader in thoroughbred and greyhound racing equipment through a focus on innovation and collaboration with long-term customers. Its Steriline Engineering brand is also recognised for the performance and safety attributes of its equipment in the food processing industry. Steriline Racing exports to more than 50 countries.

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