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17 Oct 2022

Accolade Wines (Meru, SA)

Accolade Wines 

Drawing on a proud heritage with several of the first wineries in Australia, Accolade Wines has evolved into a premium wine company with exports to more than 140 markets. Its diverse portfolio includes distinguished Australian wine brands Houghton, Hardys, St Hallett, Rolf Binder, Katnook Estate and Grant Burge. It also includes contemporary wine brands House of Arras, Jam Shed and Madam Sass.

The EU, UK, NZ, Southeast Asia and North America are important strategic export markets for the company. Accolade has invested heavily in establishing a presence in these markets over decades, creating jobs directly and across the supply chain. The UK is Accolade’s most significant market by volume.


Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod (Wiradjuri, NSW)

Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod 

Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod produces premium, pond-grown Murray cod along the Murray Darling Basin River system. Its efforts are helping to shape a bright future for this iconic native fish species.

The company’s vision is to make Aquna Murray cod a fine dining fish of choice across Australasia and the world. Its mission is to produce great tasting Murray cod, fully traceable from pond to plate, in a way that is respectful to the environment, growers and community.

Aquna produces a range of fish products from whole fish through to fillets, pre-packed portions, and smoked product. It currently exports to the US and Japan.

BioMar (Limilinaturi, TAS)


Global aquaculture feed manufacturing company BioMar prioritises performance, sustainability, innovation, and cooperation. The Denmark-based company opened its Australian business unit based in regional Tasmania in March 2020. The move sought to service the rapidly expanding Australian aquaculture industry. Today, BioMar Australia has the capacity to produce 110,000 tons of fish feed each year.

BioMar Australia is now one of the largest exporters between Tasmania and New Zealand. It exports its feed to service the globally recognised New Zealand salmon industry. This industry is responsible for more than 75% of the world’s farmed King Salmon production.

Hydrobiology (Yuggera, QLD)


Hydrobiology exports environmental scientific consulting services to a worldwide client base.  It provides high-level scientific expertise and innovative and sustainable solutions to its clients.

A strong R&D record underpins exports to diverse regions including Melanesia and the Western Pacific, Asia, South America and Africa. Clients include international governments, resource companies, aid banks, and a range of private clients.

Hydrobiology opened an office in Singapore in 2017 and a joint venture in Guyana in 2020. The company has recently focused its marketing efforts on the Southeast Asian and South American markets with a strong focus on renewable energy and emerging spatial science.

PlantSensors (Larrakia, NT)


PlantSensors manufactures a scientific instrument for environmental research. Its Granier sap flow system assesses the health of the forest and improves horticultural water-use efficiency. The world-class tool solves the issue of field instrument unreliability in hot and wet environments.

PlantSensors supplies its systems to scientists in 27 countries across six continents. This includes some of the world's most innovative countries, such as Sweden, the US, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, France and Israel. Customers include prestigious international research agencies and universities conducting environmental and agricultural research. In the 2021-22 financial year, PlantSensors more than tripled its year-on-year export income.

Rare Foods Australia (Whadjuk, WA)

Rare Foods Australia  

Rare Foods Australia is an enhanced wild fishery that uses certified sustainable practices to produce Greenlip Abalone and Wild Roei Abalone. 

The fishery is the result of 20 years of proprietary R&D. Its ocean-deployed artificial reefs mean that baby Abalone can grow wild in the ocean. Three years later, they are harvested. This process is significantly more sustainable and greatly reduces supply volatility.  

The company leases 413 hectares of ocean to deliver a premium range of Abalone products across the world. Key export markets include the UK, US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and China.

Rubicon Water (Wurundjeri, VIC)

Rubicon Water 

Rubicon Water enables governments, water management authorities and farmers to manage their water resources more efficiently. The company’s vision is to sustainably increase global food and fibre production by improving irrigation water management from the source through to crops.

Rubicon is a global provider of irrigation automation technology solutions. These solutions improve water-use efficiency through accurate measurement and accounting, eliminating spills, improving the reliability of water supply, and enabling precise crop application.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Rubicon has designed, built and installed more than 35,000 control and measurement devices in 17 countries, including Australia, Chile, China, India, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Spain and the US.

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