American Flange & Manufacturing Co Inc, NSW
Australian Carbon Black Pty Ltd, VIC
BHP Limited, VIC
Broken Hill Associated Smelters Pty Ltd, VIC
Bruck Australia Limited, VIC
Cannon Electric (Aust) Pty Ltd, VIC
Cutting Edge Post Pty Ltd, NSW
Dalgety Exports Pty Ltd, NSW
Jackson Wain (International) Pty Ltd, NSW
Kirby Refrigeration Units Pty Limited, NSW
Laporte Australia Limited (SCM Chemicals WA after 1984), NSW
Lockwood McGrath Pty Ltd, NSW
Maize Products Pty Limited, VIC
Outboard Marine Aust Pty Ltd, NSW
Precision Golf Forging Pty Ltd, NSW
RE Miller Pty Ltd, NSW
Repco Export Company Pty Ltd, VIC
Ricegrowers' Co-operative Mills Limited, VIC
Scientific Glass Engineering Pty Ltd, VIC
Scotts Provisions (Wholesale) Pty Ltd, NSW
Simpson Pope Limited, SA
Speedie Electrical Industries Pty Ltd, VIC
Speedo Knitting Mills Pty Ltd, NSW
St Regis-AC1 Pty Ltd, NSW
Triefus Industries (Aust) Pty Ltd, NSW
Wevenit Mills Pty Ltd, NSW
Wowic Industries Pty Ltd, SA


Australasian Training Aids Pty Ltd, NSW
Australian Dairy Produce Board, VIC
Australian Paper Manufacturers Ltd, VIC
Besley and Pike Pty Ltd, QLD
Buderim Ginger Growers Co-operative Associated Limited, QLD
Century Storage Battery Company Limited, NSW
Chrysier Australia Limited, SA
Eli Lilly (Australia) and Company, NSW
rsEmail Limited, NSW
Fabricated Products Pty Ltd, QLD
Favelle Mort Ltd, NSW
Gollin & Co Ltd, NSW
Hammersley Iron (Rio Tinto Iron Ore), NSW
HC Sleigh Ltd, VIC
MacNaught (Overseas) Pty Ltd, NSW
Magna Alloys and Research Pty Ltd, NSW
Merck, Sharp and Dohme (Australia) Pty Ltd, NSW
Michaelis Bayley Leather Pty Ltd, VIC
Remak Electrograph Pty Ltd, SA
South Australian Fisherman's Cooperative Limited, SA
Tutt Bryant Manufacturing Group, NSW
Vickers Hoskins Pty Ltd, WA
Vulcan Australia Limited, VIC


Ansell Rubber Company Pty Ltd, VIC
Armstrong York Engineering Pty Ltd, VIC
Atransa Park Television, NSW
B Seppelt and Sons Limited, SA
Brookeades Pty Ltd, WA
DE Taplin Pty Ltd, NSW
EE Whitmont and Sons Pty Ltd, NSW
Ford Motor Car Company of Australia Limited, VIC
Griffiths and Beerens Pty Ltd, VIC
Hills Industries Limited, SA
Impact International, NSW
Malcolm Barlow Pty Ltd, NSW
Master Industrial Australia Pty Ltd, VIC
Metal Perforators Ltd, NSW
Production Equipment Ltd, VIC
Qantas Airways Limited, NSW
R Hickman Pty Ltd, VIC
Techtron Pty Ltd (Varian Techtron), VIC
W E Cuckson & Son Pty Ltd, NSW
Whitco Pty Limited, QLD


Abbott Laboratories Pty Ltd, NSW
AG Thompson Pty Ltd, VIC
Australian Titan Products Pty Ltd, TAS
CSR Chemicals Limited, NSW
Felt and Textiles of Australia Ltd, VIC
Goyen Controls Company Pty Limited, NSW
Howard Rotavator Pty Ltd, NSW
John Mcilwraith Industries Ltd, VIC
Joyce Bros (WA) Pty Ltd, WA
Napier Bros Limited, QLD
Patience & Nicholson Limited, VIC
Phoenix Biscuit Co Pty Ltd, VIC
Radco Boilers Pty Ltd, NSW
Rosenhain & Lipmann Pty Ltd, VIC
RVB Engineering Pty Ltd, VIC
Seed Breeders Australia Pty Ltd, NSW
Sofa International Pty Ltd, SA
Titan Manufacturing Co Ltd, VIC
Wessburg & Tulander Pty Limited, NSW


Alcoa of Australia Pty Ltd, VIC
Associated Minerals Consolidated Ltd, QLD
Automatic Totalisators Limited, NSW
Commonwealth Steel Company Ltd, NSW
Isles Forge & Engineering Pty Ltd, NSW
Lincoln Electric Co (Australia) Pty Limited, NSW
Martin Wells Pty Limited, NSW
Master Dairy Limited, WA
Protector Safety Industries Ltd, NSW
Ramset Fasteners (Aust) Pty Ltd, VIC
Scott Bonnar Limited, SA
Slazengers (Australia) Pty Limited, NSW
Sunrise "Lustretone" Products Pty Ltd, VIC
Tom Piper Limited, VIC
Turner Manufacturing Co Pty Limited, VIC
William Jacket & Son Pty Limited, SA


AG Spaulding Brothers (Australasia) Pty Ltd, VIC
APAC Industries Limited, SA
ESC Tools Pty Limited, VIC
General Motors - Holden Pty Ltd, VIC
Industrial Extracts Limited, WA
International Harvester Co of Australia Pty Ltd, VIC
Massey-Ferguson (Australia) Limited, VIC
NID Pty Limited, NSW
NSW Rutile Mining Co Pty Limited, NSW
Precision Golf Forging Pty Ltd, NSW
Ralph McKay Limited, VIC
Rothmans of Pall Mall, NSW
Speedo Knitting Mills Pty Ltd, NSW
Standard Telephones and Cables Pty Limited, NSW
Thiess Brothers (Queensland) Pty Ltd, QLD
Union Carbide Australia Limited, NSW


Chamberlain Industries Pty Ltd, WA
Cobalide Industrial Pty Ltd, NSW
Commonwealth Department of Supply, ACT
Commonwealth Industrial Gases Ltd, NSW
Hammersley Iron (Rio Tinto Iron Ore), NSW
Heine Bros (Australia) Pty Ltd, VIC
Le Tourneau-Westinghouse Pty Ltd (Wabco), VIC
NV Appleton Pty Ltd, QLD
Repco Export Company Pty Ltd, NSW
RW Hensell & Sons Pty Ltd, VIC
Silk and Textile Printers Pty Ltd, TAS
Vincent Chemical Co Pty Ltd, NSW
Wall MacNaught Pty Ltd, NSW