Advanced Technologies winner

For outstanding international success in the field of information technology, digital technologies, software, hardware or digital services.

Prophecy International: taking Australian innovation to the world

Adelaide (Kaurna Country), South Australia

With 4 decades in the technology industry, Adelaide-based software company and 2023 Australian Export Awards Advanced Technologies winner Prophecy International has proven its ability to stay competitive in a global market.

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About Prophecy International

With more than 80% of its customers in international markets, Prophecy International is a global success story for Australian software. It provides data integration, analytics and business process automation solutions for an array of industries. Customers include global Fortune 1000 enterprises, government, defence and military organisations and finance, energy, utilities, health and retail businesses.

Prophecy International targets organisations that prioritise data security and business intelligence. Its flagship products include Snare, a powerful security information and event management solution, and eMite, a comprehensive analytics platform. The company caters to a customer base spanning North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and more. 

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Prophecy International's story

With over 80% of its revenue coming from international markets, Prophecy International is an Aussie software global success story. 

Operating from its Adelaide headquarters, this tech company conducts all of its R&D in Australia. It builds innovative software in the fields of cyber security and CX (customer experience) analytics.

‘We are a small Adelaide business selling software into more than 60 countries, including to some of the largest companies and governments in the world,’ says Brad Thomas, CEO of Prophecy International. 

‘We are proud of our ability to bring sales revenue back to Australia.’

Exporting Aussie innovation to a global customer base

Prophecy International’s customers include global Fortune 1000 enterprises as well as large government, defence and military organisations. It also works with regulated industry organisations in the banking and finance, energy, oil and gas, utilities, health and retail sectors globally.

Its flagship products include Snare, a powerful security information and event management solution, and eMite, a comprehensive business intelligence and analytics platform.

Snare and eMite are used by organisations that prioritise data security and business intelligence in multiple markets.

‘We have a significant presence in the US and the UK. We are also growing rapidly in Japan, Singapore, Korea and Taiwan’ says Thomas.

Business up by 20% year-on-year 

In the last 4 years, Prophecy International has doubled its revenue and headcount.

The past year was a landmark for several reasons, with the company:

  • expanding its global relationship with Fujitsu across the UK, Japan, Australia and Singapore in the defence sector   
  • establishing its first dedicated Snare partner in Japan with Jupiter Technology Group    
  • establishing a new partnership with US-based cyber security company MSSP Novacoast   
  • renegotiating an agreement with US-based tech giant Verizon. 

2023 also saw the company establish a subsidiary in the Philippines with its own team instead of using a third-party organisation.

These endeavours delivered record revenue for the group, which was up 20% year-on-year.

Strategies for global software success 

Prophecy International’s strategies for international success include having a presence in the markets in which it operates.

‘Prophecy has been exporting for many years. The primary lesson is that you need boots on the ground in each region you are selling to,’ says Thomas. ‘You also need to foster a network of partners with a customer base that needs your products.’

Prophecy International also leverages its relationship with Austrade and Team Defence Australia. These partnerships are helpful in positioning the business and brokering meetings with important global prospects.

‘We work with Austrade in Asia, the US and the UK,’ says Thomas. ‘Most recently we participated in a cyber delegation to the UK to drive new partner relationships. We are also a member of Team Defence Australia and are listed in the Defence Sales Catalogue.’

Keeping it simple and safe

Prophecy International’s operating model is really quite simple, says Thomas. ‘We want to drive recurring subscription revenues faster than we drive increases in expenditure.’

By levering Software as a Service (SaaS) via global partnerships, Prophecy International is delivering on its mission to be a global software giant.

‘As a cyber security software company providing sovereign Australian cyber tech, we are proud to help customers globally to stay secure and to meet their cyber compliance requirements,’ says Thomas.

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