Advanced Technologies winner

For outstanding international success in the field of information technology, digital technologies, software, hardware or digital services.

Audinate: seen and heard around the world

Surry Hills (Eora Country), New South Wales

With its innovative transmission technologies and soaring sales, 2023 Australian Export Awards Advanced Technologies winner Audinate is sending strong signals for ongoing export success.


About Audinate

Audinate specialises in audio and video networking solutions. Its flagship product, Dante, provides a flexible and scalable solution for transmitting high-quality, low-latency digital AV signals over standard Ethernet networks. It allows AV devices including microphones, mixers, speakers and cameras to connect to computer networks eliminating traditional, analogue point-to-point solutions.

Audinate’s leadership in Australia is enhanced with engineering capability in the UK and Europe and a global sales team supported by a US based marketing team. Audinate’s top export markets include China, Hong Kong, Germany, the UK and the US.

Audinate is focused on increasing Dante adoption among non-English-speaking customers. In 2022-23, over 12,000 global AV professionals received training in 8 languages.

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Audinate's story

As an amateur musician, Audinate Co-founder Aidan Williams knew the complexity of connecting instruments, mixers, sound cards and computers with thousands of cables all too well.

He came up with the simple idea of integrating these into the one network. In 2006, this became the foundation of Audinate’s flagship product, Dante.

Dante allows devices to connect using computer networks rather than analogue or point-to-point connections. Today, this flexible, scalable solution and its complementary products transmit radio and video signals across the planet without delay or degradation. 

Sound and vision on the world stage

Employing 195 people across 12 countries, this Australian Export Awards Advanced Technologies winner exports its products to all corners of the world. 

Key markets include the Americas, Africa and the Middle East, the UK, the European Union as well as China, Japan, South Korea and India. 

‘Audinate was built from the ground up to be an export company, and today our market is truly global,’ says Williams. ‘Audio-visual equipment is manufactured and used globally. Our current list of export markets and end-user customer base reflect this.’

Acquisitions abroad bring new skill set

Audinate’s leadership and management in Australia is enhanced with engineering capability in the UK. Last year the company acquired a Belgium-based video business. This brought a new specialised skill set in Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). FPGAs are integrated circuits that can be programmed by the user after manufacturing. 

‘This adds to and complements Audinate’s UK-based video capabilities, product offering and expertise,’ says Williams. 

Regional offices drive sales and support

Audinate has pursued a strategy of expanding its presence in key international markets. This includes establishing regional offices across the world to ensure a strong local presence and customer support. These offices are located in Portland in the US, Cambridge in the UK and Brussels in Belgium. 

Key markets in Southeast Asia include Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Audinate’s focus on this region has helped sales grow at 350% from a low base in 2022 and a further 27% in 2023. 

‘Latin America is a new target,’ says Williams. ‘We are uncovering prospects for both regional manufacturing and distribution of our end-user products throughout the region.’

Building international relationships

Audinate is focused on building a strong network of partners and distributors to extend its reach. 

‘By collaborating with local partners and distributors, Audinate leverages its existing customer base, industry expertise, and distribution networks to better promote and sell Dante-enabled products,’ says Williams.

In addition to software, Audinate offers multi-language support, technical assistance and resources. This ensures its partners and customers receive prompt and effective assistance, no matter where they are. 

Expansion among non-English speaking customers

Audinate’s training programs, webinars and certifications enhance the skills of AV professionals worldwide. This approach has helped establish Audinate as an industry leader and build brand loyalty.

In the last 12 months, Audinate has focused on increasing adoption of Dante in non-English speaking markets. In 2022-23, over 12,000 AV professionals around the world received training in 8 languages.

Sustainability in supply

Audinate recognises its responsibility to minimise its environmental impact.

Its Dante technology contributes to energy efficiency by leveraging existing IP networks. This helps minimise the need for additional cabling, reducing energy consumption and promoting more sustainable installations.

The company continues to reduce its impact through energy-efficient practices and waste reduction. It also seeks to work with suppliers who share similar sustainability standards. In 2023, Audinate launched a Supplier Code of Conduct.

Australian Export Awards a chance to be seen and heard 

Williams sees the Australian Export Awards as a unique platform to gain national recognition, improve export strategies, network and inspire. 

‘It's a valuable opportunity for exporters to showcase their achievements and raise their profiles in the competitive global market,’ he says.

Winning an Australian Export Award is a tremendous achievement for Audinate, notes Williams.

‘The award will further enhance our reputation and credibility. It also provides recognition to our team for their hard work, dedication and contribution to our success on the international stage.’

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