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For outstanding international success in selling goods or services to customers overseas via e-Commerce, including cross-border e-Commerce and online sales. 

Scoot Boots: hoofing it to export success

Cambridge (Nipaluna Country), Tasmania

From humble beginnings in Acton Park, Tasmania, 61st Australian Export Awards e-Commerce winner Scoot Boots has grown to supply tens of thousands of customers across 90 countries.


About Scoot Boots

Scoot Boots manufactures the world’s leading equine hoof boot and exports them across the globe. Its lightweight, removable hoof boots revolutionise the way horses and other equines move and perform, bringing horse shoes into the 21st century.

Scoot Boots’ products offer excellent protection and are widely used for horses recovering from hoof pathologies or transitioning from iron shoes. From humble beginnings in Acton Park, Tasmania, the company has grown to supply tens of thousands of customers across 90 countries. Key export markets include Europe, the UK and the US.

Major distribution deals with companies in the US and Europe are currently in the works. The company is also about to launch new sizes of adjustable boots to cater for higher heeled equines like mules. 

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Scoot Boots' story

Scoot Boots began with a backyard shed and an idea. Recognising that nailing iron onto horses’ hooves was archaic and needed to change, Dave McDonald designed a lightweight, removable hoof boot. The product was then commercialised and ready to take to market.

Launched in 2015, the product has revolutionised the way horses and other equines move and perform. The company has effectively brought horse shoes into the 21st century.

‘The impact that Scoot Boots has on the equine community is not just local but across the world,’ says Kaitinis. ‘We are improving equine health, extending their lifespan and giving them better lives.’

Protection and performance for horses

Scoot Boots are lightweight, slimline and easy to use. They flex with the horse’s movement, allowing the horse to move freely and naturally. The range includes Standard boots, Slims, adjustable Enduros and glue-on Skins.

‘We started with 8 product SKU’s and now we have around 400,’ says Kaitinis. ‘We continue to increase our product range, keeping abreast of our customers’ needs, market insights and competitors.’

Scoot Boots products offer excellent protection. They are widely used for horses recovering from hoof pathologies or transitioning from iron shoes. The company is instrumental in ​​informing equine-owners of the benefits of taking their horses barefoot.

‘What makes me most proud is being able to provide horses across the globe, who have had a lifetime of wearing iron, the possibility of going bare and using Scoot Boots,’ says Kaitinis.

Overcoming barriers to business

Scoot Boots has learned to overcome many barriers to business over the past past 8 years. One of these has been distribution. 

​​​‘​We have recently signed a major distribution deal with a company in the US,’ says Kaitinis. ‘This will enable us to better forecast our supply and achieve a more cost-effective chain in these two markets.’

​​​The company is modernising to solve other barriers. Scoot Boots has launched a unique sizing app, set to hasten customer purchasing decisions, reduce time to market, and increase customer sizing satisfaction. 

Scoot Boots is also working on replacing its old packaging and labels to significantly reduce its environmental impact. 

‘By using recyclable and biodegradable packaging and replacing product instructions with QR codes, we aim to reduce our use of plastics and non-biodegradable products in packaging by up to 90%,’ says Kaitinis.

Eyes on the expansion prize 

Scoot Boots is currently targeting France, the host country for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games. ‘This is an untapped market with huge potential,’ says Kaitinis. 

Scoot Boots is also in the process of scaling in the US. It is targeting the states with the highest population of horses. 

‘We are now targeting new stockists and have implemented an onboarding process,’ says Kaitinis. ‘We are also working with a distributor who has around 1,000 retailers across America.’

Scoot Boots will soon launch campaigns with the reining market in mind. Reining horses have specific shoes, called sliders, on the rear of their hooves. These horses are normally confined to a stable for their entire competitive life, as they will slide and injure themselves outside.

Scoot Boots is the only hoof boot brand with products that fit over sliders. This will see reining horses freely roam in a paddock, giving them a huge boost in quality of life. 

Australian Export Awards drives innovation and excellence 

Kaitinis says recognition as a national winner in the Australian Export Awards validates the company's success in expanding its reach to global markets.

‘Participating in the Awards allows us to network with other industry leaders, government officials and potential partners,’ she says. ‘These connections can open doors to new opportunities and collaborations.’

She would strongly advise other businesses to participate. 

‘Encouraging other companies to enter the Awards has a positive impact on every business, their industries, and the broader economy. It encourages competition, innovation and excellence, which benefits everyone involved in international trade.’

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