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For outstanding export achievement in any industry sector by a business which has been exporting for three years or less.

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Chronosoft: controlling risk and saving lives

Salisbury (Meeanjin Country), Queensland

Chronosoft’s user-friendly incident management software solutions help organisations navigate complex operational challenges with confidence. 


About Chronosoft

Chronosoft is a trusted provider of incident management, risk mitigation, and control room operations solutions. This comprehensive suite of software caters to various sectors. These include events, venues, health, security and government agencies. 

Chronosoft was born out of a tragic death at a music festival. The company identified critical issues and saw the need for a customisable incident management solution that could capture real-time data in a reliable log. Today, Chronosoft’s innovative solutions aim to enhance safety, efficiency and risk management, while fulfilling clients’ duty of care requirements.  Key export markets include New Zealand, the UK and the US.

Chronosoft is fast establishing a global reputation with plans to expand into other markets.

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Chronosoft's Story

Chronosoft was born out of a tragic death at a music festival. The 2023 Emerging Exporter winner saw the need for a customisable incident management solution that could capture real-time data.

Today, Chronosoft’s innovative solutions enhance safety, efficiency and risk management for organisations across the globe. They are used at festivals, events and stadiums, as well as by health, transport, security and government services. 

‘Chronosoft takes immense pride in supporting clients who protect the vulnerable, while providing amazing experiences,’ says Director, Edward Swete Kelly. ‘Knowing our tools have saved numerous lives fuels our team’s passion.’

Diversify and thrive

The COVID-19 pandemic presented unprecedented challenges for Chronosoft, as mass gatherings worldwide were cancelled. The company recognised the need to diversify across industries to survive. 

‘As the Australian and global markets reopened in 2022, we successfully reinvented ourselves, delivering a more diversified range of services in new markets,’ says Swete Kelly. 

Despite being an exporter only since 2022, Chronosoft is already enjoying success in the UK, the US and New Zealand, and is fast becoming a global player in advanced tech.

‘Chronosoft’s commitment to innovation and industry leadership is evident in our continuous development of advanced technologies,’ says Swete Kelly. ‘It’s also seen in our ability to address the evolving needs of our clients.’

A royal outing in the UK

Chronosoft’s flagship product, Chronicler, played a pivotal role in coordinating government and non-government agencies during Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in 2022. 

Chronicler provided a live, consolidated view of all issues facing the operation. It also improved communication and collaboration between local control rooms and The Pan London Event Liaison Facility. 

Building on this success, Chronicler was employed again at King Charles III’s coronation in 2023. Its success has led to rapid expansion in this important export market.

Australian Export Awards forges meaningful connections 

As winner of the 2023 Emerging Exporter award, Chronosoft strongly encourages other exporters to participate in the Australian Export Awards.

‘The Awards provide a unique exposure opportunity, profiling businesses across Australia,’ says Swete Kelly. 

‘It allows us to pause, reflect on our growth, and celebrate our achievements. It’s also a chance to recognise our team’s hard work and forge meaningful connections within relevant industries and with other Australian exporters.’

Extra help from Austrade

Chronosoft received an Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) in 2022. 

‘The financial support from Austrade’s EMDG program facilitated our growth in the UK and US markets,’ says Swete Kelly. 

‘Advisory support from Austrade was invaluable, enhancing our market presence and allowing us to establish a strong foothold in these key regions.’

In control of the future

Key investment priorities for Chronosoft will see rapid export expansion over the next three years. Priorities include:

  • recruiting software developers to enhance technological capabilities  
  • expanding sales and operational teams in the UK, the US and New Zealand
  • developing online training and support platforms to ensure efficient knowledge transfer 
  • investing in country-based data centres to enhance data security, privacy and compliance
  • establishing a UK office to strengthen relationships and drive growth in the market.

‘These strategic investments in talent, infrastructure and digital platforms will enable us to capitalise on export opportunities,’ says Swete Kelly. 

It will also expand Chronosoft’s customer base, and cement its position as a new industry leader. 

‘Our business goal is to achieve an average annual growth rate of greater than 30% in revenue in each market year on year,’ says Swete Kelly.

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