Resources and Energy winner

For outstanding international success in the production, processing, value adding, or provision of equipment, services or solutions related to the extractive resources and/or energy sectors.

Phibion exports greener mining solutions to the world

Lytton (Yuggera Country), Queensland

Phibion is addressing a global need for more sustainable mining solutions. Its operations make mine tailings safer, smaller and greener.


About Phibion

The Phibion solution makes tailing storage facilities safer, smaller and more sustainable. Tailings are the unwanted residuals of mined ore that are deposited in large storage dams adjacent to an operation. If not managed correctly, they can become unsafe structures and create legacy issues for local communities and the environment. 

Phibion’s Accelerated Mechanical Consolidation (AMC) operations provide higher tailings density and recover up to 50% of the water trapped in tailings. They also reduce the volume required for new tailings and mitigate against collapse. 

This innovative solution assists communities to reclaim mined land for development or to return it to nature 5 times faster than before. Key export markets include Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Jamaica.

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Phibion's story

Tailings are little known outside the mining industry. But they’re a big problem. 

These unwanted residuals of mined ore are usually deposited in large storage dams adjacent to a mining operation. 

If not managed correctly, they can become unsafe structures and create legacy issues for local communities and the environment. And they’re growing at a rate of 12 cubic kilometres per annum.

Green solutions in demand

Phibion is addressing a global demand for more sustainable mining solutions. Governments around the world now prohibit the use of green space for new tailings dams. There is also a focus on using recycled water for mining operations. 

The Phibion solution shrinks the volume of tailings by increasing density. 

It also recovers up to 50% of the water trapped in tailings. ‘Our solution enables us to provide large quantities of recycled water to our customers as a by-product,’ says CEO, Jacques Janse.

Tackling tailing sustainability and safety

Phibion also has mine safety and regeneration in mind. 

‘With several tailings dam collapses in the past 5 years, lives have been lost and communities destroyed due to tailing mismanagement,’ says Janse.

‘The Phibion solution is the ideal answer. We accelerate the consolidation and settlement of tailing slurry in a very short space of time.’

The innovative solution assists communities to reclaim mined land for development, or to return it to nature, 5 times faster than before. 

Launching the Autonomous MudMaster®  

Phibion launched the Autonomous MudMaster® at the 2023 World Mining Congress in Brisbane.

The new MudMaster® allows customers 2 more hours of Accelerated Mechanical Consolidation (AMC) per shift and makes 24/7 work a viable option. It is also 40% more fuel efficient, even though it covers more ground in the same shift.  

‘This equipment also removes a person from potential danger, especially considering the chemical makeup of some gold tailings,’ says Janse. 

300% revenue growth in 2 years 

The company has grown revenue by 300% since the 2021–22 financial year. It also increased its machine output by more than 5 times per annum and more than doubled its staff.  

This has seen Phibion attract significant equity investment, appoint a seasoned management team and open legal entities in Chile and Peru. Current export markets include Jamaica, Brazil, Chile and Bolivia. Phibion’s market entry strategy includes plans for the US and Canada. It will also open an office in São Paulo, Brazil to support the growing region.

‘We believe we were truly global from our first day of operation,’ says Janse. ‘But the recognition as the winner of the 2023 Resources and Energy Award really endorses our ambition for international growth.’

Expansion into Chile

In the past financial year, Phibion secured 3 large contracts in Chile to prove that its AMC process works in copper mining.  

Chile is experiencing its worst drought in modern times, with little to no rainfall in 7 years. Three mining giants engaged the company in the hope of delivering large quantities of water from in-situ tailings.  

Winning the contracts enabled Phibion to open an office in Santiago and employ 42 staff in the country. 

Further growth opportunities 

Phibion’s activities in Chile have resulted in several enquiries from mining operators in Peru. 

‘We have set up a legal entity in Peru in anticipation of landing contracts soon,’ says Janse.

‘We have worked with Austrade in Chile and Peru via the Perumin and Expomin conferences. We also use Austrade services for introductory meetings with potential customers.

‘Our solution is still regarded as new technology. It needs to progress to a position as the standard for accelerated dewatering of tailings,’ says Janse.  

‘To this extent, we will continue to target Tier 1 miners to engage in proof-of-concept trials. And then advance these trials to longer-term contracts.’

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