Small Business winner

For outstanding international success by any business with total annual sales not exceeding A$10 million. 

MyVenue solves stadium-sized problems with Adelaide-built tech  

Adelaide (Kaurna Country), South Australia

MyVenue’s pioneering POS system solves the problem of lengthy wait times that cost stadiums and other venues millions in lost sales every year. 


About MyVenue

MyVenue delivers faster, more reliable and rapidly scalable point-of-sale (POS) solutions for sports, entertainment and hospitality venues. MyVenue’s cloud-based, customisable, fully integrated POS solution was developed in Adelaide. It helps venues reduce operating inefficiencies and maximise sales revenue.

MyVenue is trusted by more than 70 stadiums, arenas, convention centres, zoos, hotels and cafes across the globe. In the past year, its global customer base has grown 304%. Exports have increased by 433%. Key export markets include the US, Canada, the UK, and Southeast Asia. 

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MyVenue's story

MyVenue’s cloud-based, customisable, fully integrated point-of-sale (POS) solution is developed entirely in Adelaide.  

It is now trusted by more than 75 stadiums, arenas and convention centres globally. 

MyVenue was the Emerging Exporter award winner at the 60th Australian Export Awards in 2022 and is the 2023 Small Business award winner. Since then, MyVenue’s global customer base has grown 304%. Its exports have increased by 433%.  

A Trojan Horse sales strategy in North America 

A ‘Trojan Horse’ sales strategy has had the greatest impact on MyVenue’s international success in the past year. 

‘We have worked diligently to establish agreements with leading hospitality service providers operating in the sports and entertainment venue sector,’ says CEO, Tim Stollznow. 

‘These powerful third-party industry stakeholders now actively advocate MyVenue to be the POS provider in their partner venues, placing MyVenue in an enviable position’.

A growing number of renowned US stadiums and arenas now use and love MyVenue, including: 

  • Hard Rock Stadium (home of the Miami Dolphins NFL team and the F1 Miami Grand Prix) 
  • State Farm Stadium (home of the Arizona Cardinals and the 2023 NFL Super Bowl) 
  • MSG Sphere (state-of-the-art Las Vegas entertainment venue) 
  • AT&T Stadium (home of the Dallas Cowboys, NFL) 
  • Wrigley Field (home of the Chicago Cubs, Major League Baseball) 
  • Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (90,000-seat venue, home of the Florida Gators). 

Recycling and redeploying POS terminals 

MyVenue has invested greatly in its environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) strategies in the past year. 

Most prominently, it has developed POS software that can be deployed onto existing POS terminals installed onsite. This system has helped prevent thousands of POS terminals from needlessly ending up in landfill.   

In addition, MyVenue rescues, refurbishes and redeploys POS terminals earmarked for landfill. Venues with refurbished and redeployed POS hardware include State Farm Stadium, Lucas Oil Stadium, Falcon Stadium and TD Bank Ballpark. 

Relationship marketing a cornerstone of exports 

Relationship marketing has formed another vital piece of MyVenue‘s export strategy over the past 12 months.  

‘We go out of our way to meet with key customers face-to-face at their venues, even when it’s on the other side of the world,’ says Stollznow.  

‘We have discovered that several competitors, which are headquartered in our export markets, rely on Zoom and Teams a little bit too much. So when we visit, our customers understand and appreciate the effort we invest into the partnership. This important customer service helps keep us front of mind.’ 

MyVenue’s first international reseller in the UK 

MyVenue has successfully leveraged relationships with leading hospitality service providers to triple the number of venues using its POS technology in export markets. 

Supporting this initiative, MyVenue signed its first international reseller partner.  

UK cloud technology provider, Centegra, is selling the MyVenue solution to its customer network throughout the UK and Europe. Centegra also provides professional services and first-level support to MyVenue users.  

‘This reseller agreement has resulted in our first sales into the UK hospitality sector, without adding to our operational overheads,’ says Stollznow. 

Australian Export Awards opens doors 

Stollznow says that winning the Emerging Exporter Award at the Australian Export Awards in 2022 helped MyVenue establish relationships with Austrade and other important industry stakeholders in key export markets.  

‘This opened exciting business opportunities for MyVenue in the UK and US,’ he says. 

Further recognition in this year’s Awards as a 2023 winner is very welcome. ‘These awards elevate the profile of MyVenue locally and internationally to prospective customers,’ says Stollznow.  

‘They also encourage and inspire further growth and innovation.’ 

Austrade facilitates a MyVenue market in Southeast Asia 

Stollznow notes the company’s stronger relationship with Austrade has helped it establish a market in Southeast Asia. 

‘We didn’t actively pursue this region, but we are slowly finding traction thanks to market fit and technical expertise that competitors can’t offer. 

‘We’re grateful for the introductions facilitated by Austrade. Its insights into local market behaviours are strategically important to our export success.’ 

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