2GR Wagyu: from Aussie paddocks to plates across the planet

2GR Wagyu’s paddock-to-plate beef export enterprise boasts one of the largest Wagyu herds in the world. This is a 60th Australian Export Awards winner case study.

Wagyu beef’s taste, tenderness and famed marbling make it highly sought after globally. As the owner of one of the world’s largest Wagyu herds, 2GR is a leading exporter of this prized beef.

‘2GR’s vision is to be the leading Wagyu producer globally, in this high-demand, high-value market,’ says Adam Giles, CEO, Hancock Agriculture at 2GR Wagyu. ‘We are consistently achieving best-in-market and are growing our herd to help meet these international market demands.’

Exponential growth for a premium product

In the 2022 financial year, 2GR’s Wagyu exports grew 336% and accounted for 61% of total sales. Fifty per cent of those sales were generated from new markets, no small achievement in an uncertain global economy.

‘The 2021–22 year was spectacular for 2GR,’ says Giles. ‘It was a “perfect storm” where strategic groundwork laid over 18 months combined with excellence in a powerfully branded 2GR Wagyu range. This delivered us significant export success. I can only thank all of our wonderful staff who helped make this happen, plus of course the leadership from our board.’

Underscoring this strong performance was growing exports in the UK, Europe and the west coast of the US. Additional export market activations will occur with the organic growth in its herd and production capabilities.

‘Exporting is difficult at the start,’ says Giles. ‘With a great team from paddock-to-plate, we are now exporting our exceptional product to more than 18 countries to become one of the world’s leading Wagyu producers and exporters.’

Employment for regional Aussies

2GR was established in 2016 by Hancock Prospecting Executive Chairman, Gina Rinehart. Its Wagyu is raised on large pristine paddocks across Queensland and northern NSW.

‘Our business provides employment for many people in regional Australia, all of whom are passionate about producing high-quality beef,’ says Giles. ‘We strive to create a diverse, inclusive working environment and look after our people’s health and wellbeing.’

2GR also ensures its cattle are raised in healthy, stress-free conditions. Its properties are well managed to minimise environmental impact.

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DNA tracing ensures quality and provenance

2GR’s state-of-the-art selection techniques have radically improved its beef quality. DNA testing, genomics and top-quality genetics ensure the finest possible Wagyu beef.

‘Provenance is key in many of the markets in which we operate. Traceability for heritage and bloodlines are closely monitored by buyers, and deeply respected,’ says Giles.

‘We limit our exposure by market, so diversification is key for 2GR Wagyu,’ he adds. ‘Our product is in high demand, but we are always conscious about monitoring our key markets, including potential downturns and competition.’

Giles is especially keen to expand 2GR’s presence in Europe. He is waiting on good news on the Australia-United Kingdom FTA so 2GR can take up any new opportunities.

‘We see an expansion of our European, North American and UK markets as key to success,’ he says. ‘These markets understand the quality of 2GR Wagyu and the environmental standards we adhere to.’

Australian Export Awards as reflection and recognition

Giles encourages all exporters to enter the Australian Export Awards. He says the process gave him a chance to take stock and reflect on his company’s extraordinary achievements.

2GR Wagyu is the Australian Export Awards Agribusiness, Food and Beverages joint-winner 2022. Giles sees 2GR’s win as important recognition of the hard work by many people in the business.

‘This recognition is a testament to the commitment of Hancock Agriculture and our Executive Chairman, Mrs Gina Rinehart, to the premium Wagyu brand and to the broader agricultural industry.’

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