25 November 2022

Little Green Pharma: a natural therapeutic with global appeal

Little Green Pharma (LGP) is pioneering Aussie-grown, pharmaceutical-grade medicinal cannabis. Its products aid thousands of patients with chronic conditions across the globe. LGP was founded in 2016 with a simple dream: to make affordable, medicinal cannabis products available for Australian patients. 

Today its medicinal cannabis products help thousands of patients across the world suffering from more than 200 chronic conditions.

Premium medicinal products with global appeal

LGP’s range is prescribed when other options have not provided therapeutic benefit without adverse side effects. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) grants medical practitioners access to cannabis medicines via the and Authorised Prescriber pathways.

Medicinal cannabis is currently being prescribed in Australia for over 100 conditions, most commonly for chronic pain, anxiety and sleep disorders.

‘Our company is unique in that we achieved first-mover status in Australia and overseas,’ says Fleta Solomon, LGP’s CEO.

‘There are strict quality controls on medical products manufactured in Australia. This means our medicinal cannabis preparations are considered premium both locally and overseas.’

The Western Australian business produces 3 tonnes of dried cannabis biomass in Australia each year. This is supplemented by a further 20 tonnes, grown in a cannabis cultivation facility in Denmark.

LGP has secured the relevant licences and export access to a range of markets. These include countries across Europe as well as the UK, New Zealand and Brazil.

Strengthening a European foothold

LGP has one of the most recognisable medicinal cannabis brands in Europe.

‘Europe is the biggest medicinal cannabis market outside of North America,’ says Solomon. ‘With twice the population and a rapidly maturing approach to medicinal cannabis, there is enormous potential for growth.’

This year LGP targeted new European countries and distribution partners to strengthen its foothold in the region. 

‘LGP is one of only 2 companies to have won government tenders to supply flower into Italy,’ says Solomon. ‘We have exclusivity agreements with respected distribution partners in Germany and the UK. We are also supplying product to our key partners in Denmark, Poland and Portugal.’

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Supplying medicinal cannabis oils to France

LGP is leading a French trial that will pave the way for medicinal cannabis products to be legalised in 2023. This gives LGP another first-mover advantage.

LGP was selected as one of 4 global companies to supply medicinal cannabis oils to the French national trial in 2021. It is the trial’s largest supplier, having shipped more than 52,000 units of 15 ml and 50 ml bottles to date.

‘Little Green Pharma stands behind ethical clinical research that delivers independent, science-based evidence,’ says Solomon.

‘We believe that with strong, clinical evidence, healthcare professionals can be further reassured of the therapeutic benefits and safety of medicinal cannabis as a treatment option. This in turn will assist patients globally in a variety of clinical settings.’

Research closer to home

In Australia, LGP has undertaken the world’s largest longitudinal study on the effects of medicinal cannabis on quality of life.

The study recruited more than 3,000 Australian patients. It allowed them access to medicinal cannabis products at a discounted cost. LGP plans to expand its recruitment internationally.

LGP also conducts clinical and research trials with Curtin University, University of Western Australia and the Harry Perkins Institute. These trials seek to improve products and manufacturing techniques.

A green approach

LGP’s cultivation and manufacturing facility is in southwest Western Australia, where it is an important regional employer.

‘We endeavour to be green in all things and purchase 100% renewable power for our production facilities,’ says Solomon. ‘The WA facility uses hydroponic watering systems that minimise water loss. All organic waste is composted on site.’

LGP also offers a compassionate access program to eligible patients. This means access to medications for patients who could not otherwise afford them. The company has provided more than $1 million worth of medicinal cannabis via the private scheme, giving access to those who need it most.

Australian Export Awards recognises export opportunity

LGP applied to the Australian Export Awards to receive recognition for its efforts to pioneer both the local medicinal cannabis industry and the global export market.

‘Little Green Pharma has invested its efforts into creating a global demand for Australian medicinal cannabis,’ says Solomon. These efforts have paid off with LGP being announced as the Australian Export Awards International Health winner 2022.

‘To be recognised with an Australian Export Award acknowledges these efforts. It confirms to our investors and healthcare professionals our lead role in the industry. It also highlights the export opportunity to the emerging Australian medicinal cannabis market.’

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