REDARC: powering global adventures great and small

REDARC products power mobility, discovery and exploration in more than 50 countries. Anthony Kittel, REDARC’s CEO and Managing Director, says Aussie manufacturing is very much alive. REDARC Electronics is a major reason why the Australian advanced manufacturing industry is thriving.

The Australian Export Awards Manufacturing and Advanced Materials 2022 winner employs more than 350 staff worldwide, with teams in Italy, New Zealand and the US. Its electronic power converters and associated products are warehoused and distributed from Poland, New Zealand and North America. 

In 2021, REDARC products were shipped to more than 50 countries. 

‘Being recognised through the Australian Export Awards is a huge boost to the advanced manufacturing sector,’ says Anthony Kittel, REDARC’s CEO and Managing Director.

Powering a world of mobility, discovery and exploration

REDARC’s products can be attached to any moving vehicle that uses battery power. Its range includes chargers, systems, controllers and gauges for cars, boats, trailers, trucks, mining equipment, buses and emergency vehicles. 

‘Our products and technology power mobility, discovery and exploration. They give adventurous spirits the confidence to explore life away from the grid,’ says Craig Herriot, REDARC’s General Manager International Sales. 

‘They also support industrial, transport and mining companies, keeping their workforce safe. Our products also assist Defence forces to complete their missions, wherever they go.’ 

Leveraging opportunities in North America and Europe 

REDARC’s export strategy is based on taking domestically proven products to markets that share similar consumer demographics and regulations. 

‘North America presents the greatest opportunity for us right now,’ says Herriot. ‘The North American Recreational Vehicle (RV) market is around 12 times the size of Australia’s. Similarly, the European RV market is four times the size of Australia’s. 

‘In this market segment alone, if REDARC can replicate its Australian success in both these regions, our potential for growth is enormous.’ 

REDARC also expects to expand further into South Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and South Korea in the future. 

Capturing a growing US market online

The past year saw strong online purchasing from the US. REDARC leveraged this market via strategic digital advertising campaigns and key sales events. 

The company’s US website traffic grew 55%. New user acquisition grew by more than a third. Placed orders grew by 210% and e-commerce sales by 78%. 

‘Importantly, our e-commerce conversion rate has increased by more than 45% year on year,’ says Herriot. ‘This is significant for our industry and for a product catalogue which is technical in nature.’ 

‘Made in Australia’ is a global advantage

Key to REDARC’s success is its ability to provide locally manufactured, high-quality power solutions to customers around the world. Service comes with after-sales and technical support. 

Ninety per cent of REDARC’s manufacturing output is derived from Australian-designed and manufactured goods. 

‘We believe our Australian heritage is a point of competitive advantage and premium quality in an increasingly commoditised global economy,’ says Herriot.

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Sustainable energy to power production

REDARC designs its products to go further by maximising the use of sustainable energy sources like solar power. 

In the last year, REDARC launched its full range of solar panels in North America to complement its existing charger range. 

REDARC is currently investing in solar panels for its production warehouses. The new panels are projected to supply nearly half the company’s energy needs. 

‘By increasing the amount of renewable energy used in the production of our products, REDARC will drastically reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing and that of our customers,’ says Herriot. 

Working towards $40 million in export sales

REDARC plans to invest heavily to achieve $40 million in export sales in the 2024 financial year. 

The business has an ambitious but realistic goal to grow its export business to contribute more than 20% of its turnover by 2024. 

To do this, the company plans to:

  • Establish an office and warehouse in Dallas, Texas
  • Recruit more than 20 new employees to support international sales, marketing and operations activities
  • Expand its US fleet of display trucks to assist with trade and consumer shows, account visits and customer training
  • Launch and promote new products in Europe and North America
  • Build a dedicated REDARC Defence & Space building at its South Australian headquarters. This will include the latest technology and equipment to support global defence sales
  • Establish a European entity with all operations running through its centralised enterprise resource planning system. 

Australian Export Awards build a stronger exporting nation 

‘Winning an Australian Export Award validates our approach and sets an even stronger foundation for future investment and growth,’ says CEO and MD Anthony Kittel. 

‘It motivates our employees and business partners and highlights to current and future customers that we are a valued and respected business.’ 

REDARC would encourage all exporters, big and small, to participate in the Australian Export Awards. 

‘It fosters collaboration and provides the opportunity to nationally network,’ says Kittel. ‘The sharing of ideas and knowledge allows us to be stronger as an exporting nation.’ 

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