25 June 2021

The power of Australian Made

The Australian Made logo is recognised around the world and is one of the most powerful marketing tools Australian businesses can use.

The Australian advantage

Australian Made CEO Ben Lazzaro explains why being Australian is a major competitive advantage and how to use the Australian Made logo to stand out from the crowd.

In a competitive global marketplace, being Australian is a distinct advantage. A research study commissioned by Australian Made Campaign Ltd found consumers worldwide believe Australian products are high quality, safe and ethical.

“Being Australian, we’re often looked upon favourably in export markets,” says Ben. “One of the interesting outcomes of COVID-19 is not only a pro-Australian sentiment among consumers in Australia – we’ve also seen that extend into overseas markets. 

“I certainly think that’s an opportunity that’s come out of a very challenging environment, for businesses that are making or growing products in Australia.”

Changing values influence purchasing behaviour

The COVID-19 pandemic has also had a huge impact on the way we shop. Ben says this benefits Aussie goods exporters. 

“Globally everyone is stopping and thinking about the impact of our purchasing decisions,” he says. “The perceived value of a product has become a higher priority, whether buying as a consumer or as a business.”

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of product safety and quality with consumers looking for ways to mitigate risk. Here, Australian food and agri-products with their clean, green and safe reputation, present a solution. 

“If your product is Australian, you have an enormous advantage – you should leverage it and do so aggressively. It’s never been more powerful than right now to be an Australian product in many export markets.”

How to make Australia your advantage 

The green and gold kangaroo can be a powerful marketing tool as exporters look to build, expand or diversify their markets. The Australian Made research study of over 4,000 people across 6 countries found 97% of respondents have a positive first impression of the Australian Made logo.

The research also found the prominent placement of the Australian Made logo was the top way in which consumers identified that a product was Australian. 

“This finding is particularly important,” says Ben. “In a crowded shopping environment, there needs to be something that makes a brand stand out.”

Ben’s top three tips for maximising the Australian Made logo and message:

  • Incorporate the logo into your marketing mix. Make it a key part of your brand by using it on your product, marketing materials, digital marketing assets and content.
  • Share the ‘Australian made’ story. If you are undertaking a market-specific campaign, make the ‘Australian Made, Australian Grown’ story a key part of your messaging.
  • Tailor the message for the market. Create market-appropriate activities that are relatable and in the local language. You will have to use a different approach in the UAE than in Thailand and Singapore, for instance.

Australian businesses must apply for certification to use the Australian Made logo.

Two workers at a concep building site

Spreading the Australian Made message

Other countries are exhorting consumers to ‘buy local’. That’s partly why Australian Made is running promotional campaigns in export markets to support Australian businesses. 

These include awareness campaigns in Singapore, Thailand and the UAE using digital and social channels, which have gone from strength to strength since the pandemic.

In Thailand, for example, Australian Made is working with retailers to host in-store events that are promoted on digital channels to drive consumers to Australian products with the logo. 

Australian Made is also running a few campaigns in the UAE. This includes encouraging consumers to seek out products that carry the Australian Made logo. As a Dubai Expo 2020 sponsor, it is working to increase B2B and B2C brand awareness and exposure. The event will take place from October 2021.

Australian Made is working with major e-commerce platforms to take Australian brands into new markets. For instance, it has an Australian Made product store on the Alipay platform to promote Australian products. It is also looking to launch a similar initiative in the US.

“We’re trying to use the power and efficacy of the Australian Made logo to provide a new channel to market for these genuine Aussie brands,” says Ben.

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