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10 Oct 2022

Cycad International (Jawoyn, NT)

Cycad International 2022 

Cycad International has more than 30 years’ experience in exporting one of the world's largest ranges of rare and exotic Cycad plants.

Cycad International is headquartered at an approved Artificial Propagation Nursery. From there, it grows and exports its plants to any C.I.T.E.S. Signatory Country worldwide. This includes countries where Cycads are classed as endangered. Key export markets include Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Dubai, Brunei, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Spain and Greece.

Cycad International also has sole legal documentation to salvage and harvest mature Adansonia gregorii (baobab / boab) trees from large land-clearing operations. More than 70 mature trees have been successfully exported and are flourishing in global high-profile projects.

Green Eco Technologies (Wurundjeri, VIC)

Green Eco Technologies 

Green Eco Technologies is turning food trash into eco-friendly treasure. The company makes food waste repurposing systems that reduce carbon emissions, while also reducing disposal costs for businesses.

Green Eco Technologies’ compact WasteMaster system allows food waste once destined for landfill to be processed onsite. Within 24 hours, WasteMaster converts putrescible waste into a pathogen-free, nutrient- rich, odour-neutral residue. This is then repurposed into high-quality compost or renewable electricity.

The WasteMaster system is manufactured in Albury and exported globally. Current export markets include the UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, the US, Spain, Chile and Singapore.

Hellyers Road Distillery (Mutawaynatji, TAS)

Hellyers Road Distillery 

Hellyers Road Distillery crafts world-class whiskies from high-quality Tasmanian ingredients and sells them throughout the world.

The distillery produces premium single malt whiskies and cream liqueurs. It also supports other businesses in vodka production and waste product supply for the agricultural sector. Hellyers Road exports to around 25 countries. This includes 12 European countries, the UK, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Argentina, the US and Morocco.

Hellyers Road also operates a hugely successful visitor’s centre with a restaurant, gift shop and tasting tours. The centre attracts more than 40,000 patrons each year, many of whom are overseas tourists.

Information Alignment (Whadjuk, WA)

Information Alignment 

Information Alignment is a market leader in software development for the mining industry. It creates a full spectrum of packaged mine reporting software. This empowers mining professionals to analyse, investigate, enhance and report data that leads to operations improvement. Information Alignment products are exported to operations across North America, South America, Africa and Asia.

Information Alignment continues to invest heavily in R&D activities to meet new requirements in the mining and extractive industries. Its The Connected Solutions suite offers a flexible, modular and scalable application architecture that unlocks the potential of data across these industries. Recent focuses include geo-spatial intelligence and visualisation, augmented reality and global benchmarking applications.

Plasvacc (Bundjalung, QLD)


Plasvacc produces hyperimmunised blood plasma products for a global veterinary client base. Located in Kalbar in the Scenic Rim, Plasvacc is the only commercial producer of plasma for veterinary use in Australia.

Plasvacc's blood plasma products are used to supplement the immune system response in a range of animals. Plasma therapy shortens the course of treatments, reduces hospitalisation periods and lessens the quantity of drugs required to treat a variety of veterinary conditions.

With more than 2,000 clients in Australia and overseas, Plasvacc currently exports to the US, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, Belgium, Switzerland, The Middle East, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Racing and Sports (Ngunnawal, ACT)

Racing and Sports 

Racing and Sports is a leading provider of integrated data, content, and software service solutions to the global racing and wagering industry. It currently services a longstanding and globally diverse customer base. Clients include racing bodies and authorities, wagering operators, media and digital organisations, as well as retail and private clients.

Headquartered in Canberra, Racing and Sports has additional operations in the UK, US and Sri Lanka. It is currently expanding its operations into the US. In November 2021, Racing and Sports listed on the Australian Securities Exchange under its parent company RAS Technology Holdings Limited. Its main export markets include the US, UK and Europe.

Sunglass Fix (Bundjalung, NSW)

Sunglass Fix 

In 2005, Sunglass Fix founders saw a gap in the market for consumers needing to easily repair damaged sunglass lenses. Today, the company specialises in replacement lenses for non-prescription frames, carrying approximately 300,000 models. This is by far the largest selection in the world and more than three times the selection of the company’s nearest competitor.

Sunglass Fix also offers a custom-made lens solution. Sunglass Fix sells primarily to global consumers looking for a repair option when their sunglass lenses are damaged. Over the past year, Sunglass Fix generated 69.2% of its sales from exports. It shipped its products to around 120 countries. Main export countries include the US, UK, Canada and France.

Wilco Technologies (Kaurna, SA)

Wilco Technologies 

Safe and efficient work practices are key to any mining operation. In underground mine development and civil tunnelling, ground support is critical. Wilco Technologies specialises in resin set bolting ground supports. Resin bolting involves installing synthetic resin capsules into a pre-drilled bolt hole, in which a bolt is inserted and spun to mix the resin glue.

Wilco Technologies’ Trajectaflex system allows resin glue capsules to be fired via air pressure through the system into the bolt hole. The spring mechanism of the nozzle is an innovation not seen in the industry before. Wilco Technologies are long-term exporters to Indonesia. More recently, the company has exported to South Africa, the UK, Kazakhstan, Canada and Asia.

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