For outstanding international success in the field of information technology (IT), digital technologies, software, hardware or digital services including solutions utilising cloud-based platforms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, augmented /virtual reality and/or blockchain. 

03 Nov 2021

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AVI national finalist 2021

AVI builds and delivers trusted, high-performance communications systems and critical software and hardware components to the world’s largest manufacturers and defence units. Complete in-house production, premium design capabilities, supply-chain purity and a solid 32-year history make AVI an attractive option for clients, which today include national and international government and defence force units, global mining businesses, aircraft and heavy machinery manufacturers and telecommunications companies.

AVI is internationally recognised as a world leader in the delivery of high reliability products and is the certified preferred provider worldwide for both CAT and KOMATSU communications systems. It is now the brand of choice across many global mining giants including Rio Tinto, BHP, Modular Mining, CNRL and Imperial Oils, among others.

DroneShield (NSW)

Droneshield national finalist 2021

Established in 2014, DroneShield’s initial focus on counter-drone protection – where it is now a global market leader – drove innovation in radio frequency technologies, radar, sensor fusion and artificial intelligence. Today, the company designs and manufactures an expanding range of military-grade electronic warfare solutions to detect signals, objects, and vehicles across aerial, ground, and maritime spaces.

DroneShield has proven itself as a global player with commercial, governmental, and defence customers in more than 120 countries, including the Australian Defence Force and the US Department of Defense. The company concluded 2020 with revenue up 58% on 2019 despite the covid-19 slowdown – with revenue in the second quarter of 2021 exceeding that of the entire year

Fivecast (SA)

Fivecast national finalist 2021

As a global leader in digital intelligence solutions, Fivecast deploys advanced data collection and AI-enabled analytics to help solve some of the world's biggest intelligence challenges.

Purpose-built to address the highest priority cases in national security, law enforcement and defence, Fivecast solutions help uncover and analyse data sets key to progressing investigations and protecting global communities.

The Fivecast team has more than doubled in the past year, with a newly established US office to drive export growth and plans are in place for further expansion. Customers use Fivecast for use cases spanning counterterrorism, monitoring violent extremism, security vetting, and fraud detection.

Instaclustr (ACT)

Instaclustr national finalist 2021

Data layers – the behind-the-scenes data that drives interaction in the digital space – are becoming increasingly vital in today’s connected market. Instaclustr answers the call with cutting-edge data layer infrastructure for leading global tech companies. The Instaclustr Managed Platform is a solution for implementing important but notoriously complex open-source data layer technologies, while a 24x7 Canberra-based consulting service supports a global customer base. Meeting the highest international security principles, Instaclustr is the first managed environment and service provider to meet SOC 2 and PCI standards, ensuring that data integrity is always protected.

With more than 230 employees around the world, Instaclustr currently services more than 400 clients including Atlassian, Doordash, FedEx, JP Morgan Chase and CitiBank.


Lightning Protection International (TAS)

Lightning Protection International national finalist 2021

A leading innovator in cost effective lightning protection solutions for more than 15 years, Lightning Protection International (LPI®) is an Australian-owned designer, manufacturer and distributor with an expanding network of customers in the world’s most storm-prone areas. Around 95% of the LPI® market is overseas, primarily across Asia, the Persian Gulf, Latin America and Africa.

LPI® provides tailored lightning protection design, professional consultancy, system testing and risk assessments to suit diverse global projects, codes and standards. All LPI® products are performance-tested in ENAC and ILAC-accredited high-voltage laboratories, with 95% manufactured in Tasmania. LPI® is currently focussed on building relationships with emerging engineering industries like solar farms, Snowy 2.0 and green hydrogen engineering, contributing to its unique position in a contemporary market.

OMC International, VIC


OMC International is the brains behind the Dynamic Under Keel Clearance System (DUKC®), an industry-leading digital solution for Under Keel Clearance (UKC) management. Maintaining UKC is vital for sailing vessel safety, ensuring a ship's keel is always kept clear of the seabed.

DUKC® was pioneered by OMC’s founder Dr Terry O’Brien AM, who acquired unique expertise in ship motion analysis during a 22-year academic career at Melbourne University. Today, DUKC® is unique as the only independently validated, widely operational real-time UKC management technology in the world. With around 12,000 transit per annum, DUKC® enhances safety and port efficiency and reduces shipping-related greenhouse gas emissions. The technology is used at most Australian ports, with global clients New Zealand, Canada, Europe, UAE, and Brazil.

Shorthand (QLD)

Shorthand national finalist 2021

Brisbane born and raised Shorthand is the premier platform for creating immersive digital stories. Intuitive and simple, Shorthand allows non-technical teams to create stunning reading experiences without relying on developers and web designers.

The platform reduces the time and cost of creating premium content, allowing the world’s leading media and communications teams – including the BBC, Honda, NBC News, TripAdvisor and the University of Cambridge – to truly scale their storytelling. Founded in 2013, Shorthand now numbers 39 across Australia, the UK, US, New Zealand, and South Africa. In the last 12 months it has expanded its customer presence in the US and UK, almost doubling its annual recurring revenue.



SPEE3D national finalist 2021

Based in Darwin and Melbourne, SPEE3D is a trailblazer in metal-based additive manufacturing (AM) technology, also known as metal 3D printing. SPEE3D machines are based on a patented cold-spray technology that drives faster, lower-cost, and more scalable production than traditional metal 3D printing techniques.

Since 2018, SPEE3D has successfully exported to countries, across Europe and the Americas. In 2020, SPEE3D helped deliver the Australian Army's world-first metal 3D printing trials, and since then has worked closely with US and Australian Defence Forces. In 2021, SPEE3D trialled the technology with the Australian Army again with Exercise Koolendong at Bradshaw, and in the same year, announced that they will be pioneering manufacturing a low-cost solution for high-quality AM rocket engines for space.

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