More top tips from successful Australian exporters.

11 Dec 2020

In this two-part series, businesses across Australia have shared their stories of overcoming the challenges of 2020, offering up fantastic advice for fellow exporters. Here are their top tips.

Don’t be afraid to take risks

COVID-19 meant a sudden shift to digital delivery or digital transformation for many businesses this year. Workers moved from offices to home laptops, meetings and events went virtual, digital marketing was on the rise.

Some businesses, like Queensland’s AgUnity, grasped the opportunity with both hands. AgUnity helps empower farmers and remote communities worldwide by providing easy-to-use digital products including an app that connects farmers to track the sales of their products, and to connect with essential services. But when farmers, co-operatives and agribusinesses were unable to sell their produce through safe supply chains during the pandemic, AgUnity leant into the challenge.

“We decided that if there was a chance we could help small farmers in emerging markets continue to earn an income, and avoid potential financial hardship or worse, we were morally compelled to do so,” said Miranda Jones.

So AgUnity launched a subsidiary, AgUnity Response, and created a digital marketplace that links famers and co-ops to international buyers while providing contactless transactions.

advice for exporters part two

In the Northern Territory, Spee3D, which manufactures the world’s first metal 3D printer, moved quickly to retool its tech to create a pandemic solution product. It redeveloped its 3D metal printing technology to produce copper-based antimicrobial coatings, which help reduce virus transmission on common touch surfaces such as door handles and railings.

We’re all in this together

Goodwill and generosity of spirit get you through the hard times. One of the most inspiring aspects of 2020 has been witnessing individual, corporate and community acts of generosity and ingenuity in meeting the challenges of the year.

Former Australian Exporter of the Year, Canberra’s Aspen Medical, was one of many Australian businesses to work on the frontline assisting people the world over affected by COVID-19, establishing over 150 COVID clinics in Australia and overseas, while also providing support from manufacturing personal protective equipment to partnering with local businesses to develop contract tracing devices.

“Australians truly believe that we are in this together,” says Aspen Medical CEO Bruce Armstrong. “We knuckled down and did the hard yards, we adapted quickly, we responded to the challenge. We are resilient.”

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