For outstanding international success by a business whose head office is based in a non-metropolitan location.  

03 Nov 2021

AirPhysio (NSW)

Air Physio national finalist 2021 

AirPhysio is an Australian-made respiratory therapy medical device  for mucus clearance and lung expansion. It assists in treating respiratory conditions including asthma, bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cystic fibrosis and emphysema. The AirPhysio device is portable, reusable , drug free and comes in four unique designs.  

Based out of Tweed Heads and Maitland in New South Wales, AirPhysio employs 130 locals with plans to pass 200 employees by April 2022. Using a trusted distributorship model and affiliate partners, sells  10,000’s of devices to over 65 countries every month. Major importers of AirPhysio are the US, UK, most of Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Canada. With plans to sell to every country globally by the end of 2022.

Asia Pacific Aircraft Storage (NT)

Asia Pacific national finalist 2021 

Asia Pacific Aircraft Storage (APAS) provides dedicated aircraft storage, maintenance and part-out services to the Asia Pacific market and beyond. Since its beginnings in 2009, APAS has stored and maintained more than 200 aircraft on behalf of major international airlines and lessors. 

Exporting its services to a growing number of clients in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, the US and Ireland, APAS answers increasing market demand. With storage facilities in Alice Springs, proximity to Southeast Asia has seen Singapore Airlines, Scoot, Cathay Pacific and Jetstar Japan send aircraft to APAS for storage and maintenance, where they would have previously travelled to the US or Europe. More recently APAS has seen interest from banks and lessors, who ultimately own the aircraft and don't have the infrastructure to store surplus fleet.

Bec Hardy Wines (SA)

Bec Hardy Wines national finalist 2021 

Based in McLaren Vale, Bec Hardy Wines (BHW) carries in its name hundreds of years of winemaking heritage. A sixth-generation member of the famous Hardy wine family, Bec Hardy officially launched BHW in 2020, taking over the 4-decade-old Pertaringa brand from her father, Geoff. 

The BHW portfolio comprises premium wines from the company’s own vineyards as well as growers in several renowned South Australian regions. BHW currently exports to 13 international markets including Canada, Taiwan, Indonesia, China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Thailand, Hong Kong, Luxembourg and the US. 

In 2021, BHW was one of 20 South Australian companies to receive a DTI Global Expansion Program grant of $50,000, with a resulting brand campaign to strengthen the company’s global distribution in the works.

Blue Hills Honey (TAS)

Blue Hills Honey national finalist 2021 

The Charles family of Mawbanna have been producing honey on Tasmania's pristine far northwest coast for three generations.  Blue Hills Honey (BHH) was formed in 1955 and has since expanded to include an increase in the commercial apiary and selling both bulk and retail packaged honey.  In 2004, Australian Quality Honey was formed to market premium honey under the BHH brand. 

BHH’s flagship product is its premium Leatherwood honey, a uniquely Tasmanian product sourced from the flowering native rain forests of the Tarkine Wilderness.  BHH is also the founder of Active Tasmanian Manuka Honey. Current export zones include Southeast Asia and the European Union, primarily targeting gourmet food, pharmaceutical and health outlets.

Care Essentials (VIC)

Care Essentials national finalist 2021 

Geelong-based medical device manufacturer Care Essentials (CE) develops innovative technology to improve patient outcomes and keep healthcare workers safe. CE specialises in patient temperature management devices, sterilisation wraps and medical-grade personal protective equipment (PPE). Its flagship product is the Cocoon Convective Warming System, used in surgery to prevent hypothermia and accelerate patient recovery. 

Today, CE exports its products to more than 60 countries worldwide. CE’s PPE has been widely used by frontline healthcare workers during the covid-19 pandemic and exported to countries cross the globe, aiding them in response efforts. CE’s growing international customer base now includes disability support groups, aged-care facilities, prisons, the meat industry and veterinary markets.

Derby Industries (WA)

Derby Industries national finalist 2021 

Derby Industries is a division of the Craig Mostyn Group, a family-owned agribusiness operating across Australia. Derby Industries operates Linley Valley Pork, Western Australia’s largest integrated pork farming, processing and wholesaling operation.   

The enterprise includes Australia’s largest free range pig farm and a state-of-the-art abattoir. Currently exporting around 30% of its product, Derby Industries is the largest Australian supplier of fresh chilled pork air freighted into Singapore, with other strong markets in Hong Kong, South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea.   

Linley Valley Pork products are in high demand throughout Asia due to their superior quality and quick turnaround. Key to Derby’s medium-term plan is a line of pork supported with investment in marketing and branding for the Asian market.

Garlicious® Grown (ACT)

Garlicious Grown national finalist 2021 

Garlicious® Grown has established a name in the gourmet food game for its sustainably grown and processed black garlic cloves, powders, white balsamic dressing and aioli. Founded in 2014 by Jenny Daniher and Cathy Owen, the female-led, Braidwood-based company holds customers across wholesale, food service, food production and direct-to customer markets. 

Garlicious® Grown’s competitive edge lies in its quality, all year production and volume, creating market consistency and facilitating export. With established markets in China, Singapore and Dubai, 2021 saw a focus on South Korea and Hong Kong as priority markets with a similar interest in quality gourmet food and innovative new flavours. Incremental top line growth reflects the ongoing success of Garlicious® Grown products.

Mort & Co (QLD)

Mort  Co national finalist 2021 

Mort & Co is the largest Australian-owned lot-feeding and management company in the country, turning over more than 214,000 cattle each year. 

In addition to this core enterprise, Mort & Co has invested in innovative complementary businesses spanning meat exports, stockfeed, organic fertiliser, farming and transport. The company is on track to become a billion-dollar company within 5 years, with 20% of revenue derived from these complimentary businesses. 

Mort & Co is built on fostering strong relationships with global beef producers, processors and distributors. The company exports its Phoenix Beef to 26 countries globally and is exploring opportunities for stockfeed and fertiliser exports to Asia and the Middle East. Mort & Co was also Costco’s exclusive branded beef supplier for the US retailer’s flagship store in Shanghai.

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