Australia’s largest motor yacht builder Riviera is sailing to success. Despite a global pandemic, the company is enjoying the largest forward orders in its 41-year history.

08 Dec 2021

Riviera has built more than 5,800 motor yachts in its 41-year history. Each one features innovative design, superior engineering and ultra-luxe interiors. 

But that is just business as usual for Riviera, Australia’s largest luxury motor yacht builder. From a state-of-the-art facility on the Gold Coast, Riviera’s more than 850-strong team builds around 110 luxury yachts every year. 

‘Riviera’s point of difference is we always strive for constant refinement,’ says Rodney Longhurst, Riviera’s owner. 

‘We strive to be better and different. So that means we have latest technology, superior engineering, luxury and comfort, and blue-water practicality. Our yachts are known for their built-to-last features.’ 

100 motor yacht sales in 100 days 

Riviera’s commitment to product development has continued despite the challenges of the past year. 

Global lockdowns led to a slowdown in sales over April and May 2020. Riviera implemented an innovative new digital marketing strategy to counter this slowdown. From June, sales sharply turned, with an unprecedented 100 motor yacht sales in 100 days. 

2020 also saw the launch of 3 new models. In 2021, the company premiered the 645 SUV and announced its new flagship 78 Motor Yacht. 

Demand for these new models has helped drive export sales for the company. Riviera is enjoying the largest forward orders in its 41-year history. 

‘As an Australian company competing with the best in the world, we are incredibly proud of our achievements this year,’ says Longhurst. 

‘We are equally humbled to have been recognised by this prestigious national award. It acknowledges 41 years of evolution for Riviera that has led to our motor yachts of today being the best we have ever built. 

‘This award has been earned by the entire Riviera team and their passion for creating premium motor yachts that are admired and enjoyed around the world.’ 

Cruising the waters of the world 

Riviera has exported between 45% and 65% of its Aussie-made yachts for decades. Riviera motor yachts cruise the Mediterranean, Pacific and Caribbean Oceans. They can also be spotted on the Great Lakes and coastal waters of North and South America. 

‘We are sending boats to locations all around the world,’ says Longhurst. ‘From Scandinavia to Spain, to Croatia, the Middle East, Japan, Thailand, Singapore. You name it, we’ve got boats there.’ 

Sailing to success in the US 

Riviera’s top export market is the US. 

‘We exported a record number of 7 new Rivieras in one shipment to the US recently,’ says Longhurst. 

Riviera has a dedicated Americas team based in Florida. It provides owner care, dealer sales support and warehouse facilities for the Americas market. 

In 2019, Riviera enhanced its US distribution network with the appointment of Sun Country Marine in California. Sun Country is now one of Riviera’s top 3 dealerships in the world. 

Competing against the world’s best 

Longhurst notes that exporting has given his company the scale to make its factory commercial. This allows Riviera to compete against the world’s best boat builders. 

‘The market is extremely competitive, so we’ve had to continually grow, improve and refine,’ he says. 

‘We have brought on additional people in the last 12 months. We now have around 100 apprentices on site, so we are constantly training and teaching best practice. It’s a challenge, but it’s exciting and it’s rewarding.’

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