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03 Nov 2021

Hydrobiology (QLD)

Hydrobiology national finalist 2021 

Hydrobiology has a 20-year track record in exporting superior environmental scientific consulting services to a global client base. With a focus on technical excellence and high-level scientific expertise, Hydrobiology provides clients with the best possible understanding of risk for their environmental and impact management projects. 

Founded in Queensland in 2001, Hydrobiology has since opened businesses in Perth, Papua New Guinea and Singapore. The company currently exports its expert services to a range of regions including Melanesia, Southeast and South Asia and South America, with clients spanning governmental departments, international aid banks, ports, resource companies and private clients. In 2020, Hydrobiology established a joint venture in Guyana to service a growing market in the Americas.

MetroCount (WA)

MetroCount national finalist 2021 

MetroCount systems help inform safer and more efficient roads, cycleway and pedestrian infrastructure globally. 

A Fremantle engineer’s low-power traffic counter has grown into a world leader in traffic monitoring solutions, exporting active transport and vehicle counters to 120 countries from offices in the US, UK, Europe and Australia. 

In 2020, MetroCount released its automated data analysis and management software, ATLYST. With 564 registered users from 12 countries, ATLYST is set to be the world’s premier traffic data management system. In the past 12 months, MetroCount’s active transport counter sales have increased 161%, while its data-as-a-service sales have increased 117%.

MicroBioGen (NSW)

MicroBioGen national finalist 2021 

MicroBioGen specialises in superior strains of the world’s most widely used microorganism, Saccharomyces cerevisiae.This yeast underpins more than US $1 trillion in products every year and is a key component in bread, wine, spirits, beer, biofuel, feed, biochemical and pharmaceutical production. The possibilities for MicroBioGen’s yeast technology are almost endless, with future applications ranging from renewable energy and protein production to opportunities in space.

A long-term, directed evolutionary approach has seen MicroBioGen develop proprietary yeast genetics found nowhere else in the world. They currently improve sustainability for biofuel, feed and human consumables across North America, Europe and South America. Recent successes in an $8 million second-generation yeast optimisation program are set to benefit emerging biofuel and feed industries in India, Europe, Asia and the Americas.

PlantSensors (NT)

Plant Sensors national finalist 2021 

PlantSensors manufactures and sells a Granier sap flow measurement system, a reliable, accurate and affordable system that assesses the health of trees. The world-class scientific tool solves the issue of field instrument unreliability in hot and wet environments.

PlantSensors supplies its sap flow systems to environmental research scientists in 27 countries/regions across six continents. This includes many of the world's most prestigious research institutions, such as the US Smithsonian, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where the first atomic bomb was designed and built.With a recent focus on targeting young researchers, PlantSensors expanded into five new regions in the past year, including Sweden and Taiwan.

REDARC Electronics (SA)

Redarc national finalist 2021 

REDARC's products are attached to any moving vehicle that uses battery power including cars, boats, trailers, trucks, mining, buses, and emergency vehicles. With 300 staff based at its South Australian headquarters, across Australia and now in New Zealand, USA and Italy they are demonstrating that being an Australian exporter is a point of competitive advantage and premium quality in an increasingly commoditised global economy.  

REDARC’s export strategy is based on taking domestically proven products to markets that share similar consumer demographics and market interests. In 2020, REDARC exported to more than 45 countries around the world and is growing rapidly.

Sunpower Renewables (VIC)

Sunpower Renewables national finalist 2021 

Sunpower Renewables is committed to creating a sustainable future through a suite of powerful yet economical solar energy products. 

With easy-to-use lithium solar generators ranging from hand-held to grid connected, Sunpower Renewables assures environmentally friendly energy independence anytime, anywhere. Its products are an all-in-one, Australian-made solution, fully integrating the different components of a solar power plant into a single plug-and-play device that also offers energy storage. 

This is proving a game changer for the global renewable energy industry, with Sunpower Renewables seeing a 300% increase in revenue and 180% increase in customer numbers year on year. Recent product launches have seen expansion into new markets including Singapore, Thailand and the UAE.

The Mullion Group Pty Ltd (ACT)

The Mullion Group national finalist 2021 

Climate change is set to become the defining issue of the 21st century. Key to this will be managing our environment in ways that remove carbon from the atmosphere, while also feeding, housing and clothing a growing population. Canberra-based software company, The Mullion Group, was established in 2014 to help solve this problem.Its flagship software, FLINTpro, is the world’s first online system for comprehensively integrating data from satellites, models, maps and measurements, allowing users to gain true insights into land sector carbon. The system supports new carbon markets and company sustainability reporting, ultimately driving climate action.

The FLINTpro solution has been applied to a range of industry sectors globally, including corporate enterprise, government and multilateral organisations, as well as carbon market intermediaries.

True South Seafood (TAS)

True South Seafood national finalist 2021 

True South Seafood is a leading supplier of premium Tasmanian, and New Zealand wild caught live abalone and Pāua, as well as the largest exporter of sea urchin roe from Tasmania. 

True South Seafood was re-branded from RTS Pauaco in 2021 to better reflect the business and its values. With established markets in Australia, the US, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Taiwan, True South plans to open a new factory to produce value-added products from urchins and abalone in 2022. This includes an organic fertiliser and soil conditioner created using the waste from an invasive urchin species and made using 100% renewable energy. This is a big win for the environment, the industry, and the community by restoring marine ecosystems, creating additional jobs, and increasing market diversification.



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