Australian Trusted Trader

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The Australia Trusted Trader program is a government partnership with Australian businesses to streamline legitimate trade for businesses who can demonstrate secure international supply chain practices and trade compliance. 

The Australian Trusted Trader program has no application fee, however entities must meet eligibility requirements including achieving and maintaining the required international supply chain security and trade compliance standards.

Australian Trusted Trader accreditation is a mark of distinction.

It signals that the Australian Border Force has independently assessed and accredited your business against World Customs Organization standards. Once accredited, businesses have access to a range of benefits that simplify customs processes, improve certainty in export markets, and expedites the flow of cargo in and out of Australia.

Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) accreditation is a mark of distinction

It signals the ABF has independently assessed and accredited your business against the ATT Rule, which is consistent with World Customs Organization SAFE Framework of Standards.

Businesses who are able to demonstrate and maintain a secure international supply chain and highly compliant trade practises are provided access to benefits that improve certainty in export markets, and expedite the flow of cargo to and from Australia.

A number of countries recognise ATT status under Mutual Recognition Arrangements. Trusted Trader exporters receive trade facilitation benefits at the border of partner countries, providing faster access to international markets.

As a Trusted Trader, the ABF views your business as low risk and provides priority treatment at the border. This means faster customs processing and fewer interventions.

You will receive priority processing through the National Trade Advice Centre and National Refunds Intervention. This includes advance rulings in relation to tariffs, valuation and origin, advance ruling reviews, duty drawbacks, and refund and remission applications for customs import duty.

Trusted Traders receive a seat at the table to work in partnership with Government on initiatives related to your industry, and are granted the use of the ATT logo. The logo is recognised internationally and gives others confidence in your business.

A full list of benefits and more information on the ATT program is available at Australian Trusted Trader.