Sustainability and Green Economy finalists

For outstanding international success in environmental solutions, clean energy innovation, materials and energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste and water management, green buildings, smart cities and R&D collaboration or businesses committed to sustainable business practices.

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National finalists for the 61st Australian Export Awards in the Sustainability and Green Economy category.

A.H. Beard

Padstow (Eora Country), New South Wales


A.H. Beard is a family-owned business with a 124-year history of improving lives through better sleep. Its quality mattresses and sleep products, unique IP and commitment to sustainability have seen the company grow from one factory in Sydney, to seven facilities across Australia and New Zealand. 

With the launch of A.H. Beard's sustainable Origins range in China and the imminent launch in the US, the company will soon export a sustainable mattress solution to the world’s two largest bedding markets. Other key export markets include China, Hong Kong, Korea, Papua New Guinea and Thailand.

Visit A.H. Beard website.

Air Water Global

Myrtle Bank (Kaurna Country), South Australia


Air Water Global’s primary objective is to ensure its unique air and water enhancement technologies benefit all forms of life. It applies its cutting-edge quantum biotechnologies anywhere that clean and purified atmosphere, surfaces and water is required.

Air Water Global solutions eliminate fungi, mould, bacteria, viruses and gases without the use of chemicals, filters or residues. Clients span the agriculture, food distribution, education, residential and commercial building sectors.

Having established a profitable business in Australia, Air Water Global is expanding its exports to the European Union, the UK and the US. 

Visit Air Water Global website.


Canberra (Ngunnawal Country), Australian Capital Territory


The world finds itself at a pivotal moment in the battle against climate change. Governments, companies and businesses have established targets to reduce carbon emissions, yet accurately measuring results is proving challenging. This is particularly evident in the land sector, where emissions are influenced by a wide range of factors.

FLINTpro has developed a software platform that streamlines greenhouse gas accounting for the land sector. The platform integrates the most reliable data from remote sensing, models and ground sources. This offers a holistic understanding of greenhouse gas emissions and removals. 

FLINTpro has established offices in Melbourne and the US. It also has representatives in the UK. Current export markets include Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, the Philippines and the US.

Visit FLINTpro website.

Paradigm Foods

Brisbane (Meeanjin Country), Queensland


Paradigm Foods was established in 2018 with the ambition to disrupt the traditional red meat sector. 

Paradigm Foods shares bespoke high-quality beef and lamb brands with customers around the world and encourages more conscious, sustainable meat consumption. It is the first and only red meat exporter in Australia to gain B Corp Certification. B Corp businesses meet high standards of verified social and environmental performance and transparency.

Paradigm Foods beef and lamb brands are exported to over 26 countries. Key export markets include China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and the US.

Visit Paradigm Foods website.

Smartstream Technology

Cardup (Whadjuk Country), Western Australia


Smartstream Technology is revolutionising the civil construction industry. It uses advanced technologies to produce a highly developed range of wastewater and stormwater products.

The company uses new processes and materials in its range of plastic solutions. Once the industry’s alternative, they are fast becoming the product of choice due to their lower carbon footprint, durability, ease of installation and safety.

With over 200,000 units installed and operating successfully for 22-plus years without a single recorded failure, Smartstream Technology clients save time, money, labour and material resources. The company exports to Fiji, Indonesia (Bali), New Zealand and North America.

Visit Smartstream Technology website.

SR Portables

Carrum Downs (Bunurong Country), Victoria


SR Portables is revolutionising the renewable energy sector through ground-breaking technology and a range of portable renewable energy solutions.

With a strong commitment to sustainability and clean energy solutions, SR Portables is a global leader in energy storage products. Its Australian-made lithium solar generators range from hand-held to grid-connected products. They allow users to generate energy anywhere, anytime, reducing total electricity costs. 

Growing global demand for SR Portables products has seen the company increase production capabilities by 20% in the past year. Key export markets include Bangladesh, Canada, France, India, Kenya, Lebanon, North America, the Pacific Islands, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and the UK.

Visit SR Portables website.

Tassal Operations

Hobart (Nipaluna Country), Tasmania


Tassal is the largest vertically integrated salmon, seaweed and prawn farmer in Australia. It is committed to meeting the growing market and customer demand for healthy, sustainable and nutritious food.

With over 36 years’ experience in aquaculture, Tassal is focused on constantly improving the sustainability of its farmed seafood operations. Tassal salmon and black tiger prawns have one of the lowest greenhouse gas profiles of all animal protein sources. 

Tassal’s international sales program is focused on marketing fresh, whole salmon and prawns to Asia. In 2022–23, the company exported to Bangladesh, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and the US.

Visit Tassal Operations website.