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For outstanding international success in manufacturing, engineering and/or advanced materials development.

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REDARC Electronics: a year of energised exports 

Lonsdale (Kaurna Country), South Australia

As a dual 2023 and 2022 Australian Export Award winner in the Manufacturing and Advanced Materials category, family-owned electronics company REDARC is powering up for another incredible year of exports. The company has secured a A$23 million export contract and expanded into a second manufacturing facility.


About REDARC Electronics

REDARC is a family-owned electronics company powering mobility, discovery and exploration. It provides mobile, off-grid energy and safety management solutions to customers across the world. Founded in 1979, REDARC has flourished into a world-class advanced electronics manufacturer.  

One of the hallmarks of REDARC is the unique blend of local manufacturing and high-quality solutions, with unrivalled after-sales and technical support. REDARC employs more than 380 people, with staff located in Australia, Canada, Italy, New Zealand and the US. Its products are warehoused and distributed from New Zealand, Poland and the US. In 2022, REDARC products were shipped to over 50 countries. Key export markets include New Zealand, Europe, the UK and the US.

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REDARC's story 

REDARC is a powerhouse in mobility, discovery and exploration. Encompassing 3 brands – REDARC, Hummingbird Electronics and REDARC Defence & Space – the company provides power management systems and safety solutions to customers across the world.

‘Our unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability and setting ourselves apart from the competition has proven a successful approach on a global level,’ says REDARC Owner and Managing Director, Anthony Kittel.

 It’s also an approach that has seen sustained annual growth above 20% for more than 2 decades. 

An export contract worth A$23 million 

In the 2022–23 financial year, REDARC Defence & Space achieved an outstanding international business milestone. It secured a A$23 million contract in partnership with UK-based MARL International. 

The contract will see REDARC provide 12,600 LED lights for three Hunter-class warships. REDARC Defence & Space and MARL International will manufacture 79 types of lights for each frigate, to be built at the Osborne Naval Shipyard in South Australia.

‘The agreement reinforces the importance of international partnerships in achieving business growth and enhances REDARC’s reputation in the international defence and space market,’ says Kittel.  

‘It also allows us to expand our operations, invest in our workforce and further solidify our international standing.’

Environmentally friendly expansion

The past year has seen REDARC implement strategies to optimise efficiency, improve quality and expand production. This was all achieved while reducing environmental impact.

The company established a second manufacturing facility, Lonsdale West, to cater to the defence, heavy vehicle, mining and industrial industries.

The facility operates with an innovative model of efficient manufacturing processes and advanced material utilisation. It reflects REDARC’s sustainable growth plans and adherence to the REDARC initiative: reducing emissions and developing sustainable and responsible culture. 

‘By blending innovation with sustainability, we continue to set new standards in the manufacturing and advanced materials sector,’ says Kittel.

REDARC also established a warehouse in New Zealand. The move places stock closer to its customers, leading to quicker delivery times and better customer satisfaction. By hiring residents, the company leverages local expertise and contributes to the community. REDARC products are currently warehoused and distributed from Poland, New Zealand and the US.

Investment in North America

REDARC’s approach to growth in exports is systematic and forward-thinking. At the centre is its multi-year strategic plan to dominate the North American, European and UK markets.

The company has a 1,000-day North American expansion plan. Key investment priorities include establishing in-country business development talent and growing the REDARC brand in core segments.

It has provisioned A$15 million for labour to deliver the required capability and capacity across the 1,000 days. This is supported by A$10 million in advertising and marketing to build the brand. 

‘Investment in digital marketing and the creation of a new content creation studio is a priority,’ says Kittel. ‘This will support our global branding and customer engagement efforts.’

Powering local communities

REDARC is an active member of its local and broader community. ‘Our impact on the local community is a source of immense pride,’ says Kittel. 

‘We passionately support diverse causes spanning sports, social initiatives, and health and wellbeing. Our partnerships with local organisations like Orange Sky, Hutt St Centre, Youth Opportunities, and Junction Australia reflect our dedication to creating a positive impact.’

Orange Sky has a fleet of mobile shower and laundry vans powered by REDARC. The vans allow people in rural communities around Australia to access regular laundry and shower services.  

Boots on the ground 

REDARC recognises the invaluable lessons learned on its export journey. 

‘We now understand the importance of having on-the-ground expertise in the countries we target,’ says Kittel. ‘This local knowledge is vital for navigating diverse markets efficiently.’

Over the last year, REDARC has onboarded 5 marketing and sales executives in North America. This has brought in-region knowledge to the team, allowing the company to better plan for strategic growth. 

Austrade assistance in identifying target markets

REDARC has also come to appreciate the significance of geo-targeted and focused strategies in larger markets. Its relationship with Austrade has been crucial here.

‘Through Austrade’s assistance in pinpointing influential industry stakeholders and defining our target market, REDARC has gained a deeper understanding of our market segments, customer behaviours, product requirements and pricing considerations,’ says Kittel. 

‘This enhanced knowledge has enabled us to communicate more effectively and seize opportunities for growth.’

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